Sweat it out!

If you have a dog at home, we guarantee you good health… only if you are a responsible pet parent and take care of the exercise needs of your pooch! But dogs should be given exercise in accordance to their breed and age.

Regular exercise is necessary for your dog to achieve proper health and fitness. The amount of walk depends on type of breed, and of course, his age.

  • Dr Hemant Jain
    Play is the best exercise for your puppy. Use a dog ball or let him jump or simply take him out to the garden and let him play freely and joyfully, without leash.
  • Young puppies of giant breeds such as Great Dane, Mastiff, Saint Bernard and Irish Wolfhounds must not be exercised excessively because it may damage hip joints.
  • If you want to walk your pet during summer, take him early in the morning and late in the night.
  • Give less exercise to pregnant female dogs.
  • Do not exercise your dog on road without collar and leash.
  • Senior dogs also require small amount of walk daily.
  • Dogs do not have sweat glands on the body.
  • Dog pants excessively after walks to maintain their body temperature and make the body cool (thermoregulation).
  • Some breeds like Pekingese, Boxer, Bull Dog and Pug should be exercised with care, do consult your veterinarian about it.

(Dr Hemant Jain, MVSc (Surgery) is a dog, cat & bird practitioner who runs Dogs, Cats & Birds clinic in Nagpur).