Go ahead and Get your pet Framed !


Karthik Nair
Pets are family and having an all-out portfolio or a family shoot with your pet is a lot more personal. It’s something you will cherish forever. Here’s how to get a  erfect  furryphotoshoot.
Don’t we all have those cute little moments with our pets that we wish we could capture? For instance, the sorry face they make when they’ve been up to some mischief or the excitement when you’ve come home after a long day at work. A perfect picture is a ‘memory’ forever.
Tips for getting perfect pictures
Choose the photographer wisely: Firstly, look at their work. That would speak  volumes. Secondly, interact with the photographer so that you know you’re comfortable with him coming over and shooting you and your pet.
Let the photographer get pally with dog: Let the photographer visit a day or two in advance and let the pet get familiar with him and the camera.
No studio shooting please: Avoid studio shots, since they make the pets uncomfortable.
Capture natural : Let the shoot happen in their natural surroundings.
Plan the shoot: Every breed is different and so are the petparents’ requirements. Capture
candid moments with the pet parents and pets together. This way you’re able to capture those precious little moments that can never be replicated or forced. You are able to capture that bond between the parent and the pet which is so special and cannot be put into words.
Bribe them: Use treats and toys during shooting to grab the pet’s attention.
Go for a calendar shoot: Since we have so many festivals in India, a festive shoot is a good idea. One can go for a calendar shoot and props for each festival; Diwali, Holi,  Christmas being the major ones. Pups are a task to shoot, as they’re always excited and take long to get tired. Working with older and trained dogs is a lot easier, though both have their own perks. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and get your pet framed.
(Karthik Nair runs Furry Moments, a pet photography venture in Pune, Mumbai and Bengaluru. For more and to book a shoot call: +91 7722040839)