Food wise!

We love to pamper our kitties with the food we eat. But beware, this can be harmful for your cat.

Here’s a list of food that should not be given to your beloved kitties:

Milk: Large number of cats cannot tolerate milk because of lactose intolerance as cats cannot produce proper amount of lactic acid. The lactic acid contains lactase enzyme which breaks down the milk and helps in digesting it. Lack of enzyme results in upset stomach and diarrhoea. So, if your cat shows sign of diarrhoea after milk consumption, she is milk intolerant.
Raw fish: Cats like tuna fish but if she eats too much raw fish, it will destroy Thiamine and cause lots of problems in her movement.
Table scraps: When you eat, your untrained cat may sit in front of you and beg for food. Do not give her table scraps because it may contain oily and fatty food which may cause stomach upset or obesity. Besides, sharp chicken bones, fish bone or hard bone of mutton can cause perforation of oesophagus or stomach, bones may get stuck between two teeth, or in the throat and hard bones may cause breaking of teeth.
Eggs: Raw egg should not be given to the cat as this may cause bacterial infection. Cooked egg can be given, but in small quantity.
Onion and garlic: They are very harmful to your cat as they can destroy their RBC (Red Blood Cells) and cause anaemia.
Grapes: Like dog, it is very harmful to your cat as it causes gastric irritation and vomiting.
Chocolate: It contains Theobromine which causes CNS (Central Nervous System) and cardiacs stimulations; as a result, it increases blood pressure and may even cause death.
Liver: Don’t give liver everyday to your cat as it causes vitamin A deficiency, besides eye, skin and bone problems.
Tea and coffee: They contain caffeine which causes gastric irritation to your pets.
Candy, gum and cake: They are sweetened with Xylitol which causes liver damage, lethargy and vomiting.
Alcohol: It’s a strict ‘No-no’. Even a two teaspoon alcohol can kill your cat.
Commercial dog foods: It is not a substitute of cat food. Cat food contains Taurine which is important to maintain their metabolic activity and this is not present in dog food.
Bread: Bread contains yeast, which is fermented inside the body and produces alcohol, causing harm to your cat.
Human medicines: Never give your human medicines to your cat. Human pain killers cause blood vomiting and bloody stool.
So, before you toss that food towards your cat out of love, think again…is it harmful for our pet?
(Dr Goutam Mukherjee runs Get Well Pet Centre in Kolkata)