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Bold is beautiful
– by Raul Hreniuc
The Peterbald (also called Petersburg Sphynx, especially in its native country Russia) is a breed of hair-losing cats, rather than a hairless one. They distinguish themselves from other hairless breeds by more elegant boning, long and delicate legs, Oriental head and large set apart ears. They are actually naked Oriental Shorthair or Siamese.
The purrfect play session…
– by Sudhersena
All work and no play make Jack a dull boy… same is with our kitties who need play not just for fun, but for bonding with their littermates and pet parents.
Ask the Expert..
It’s a TICA’s world!
The International Cat Association Inc (TICA) has thousands of members and hundreds of clubs all around the world. From New York to California, London to Moscow and Taiwan to Korea, you’re in TICA’s world. While customs and languages may differ, you will always find that everyone in TICA’s world shares one thing–the love of cats! TICA cat shows are fun. TICA cats are fabulous. And TICA members are friendly.
Love the tan!
– by Kritika Manchanda
It is a common sight to see cats and kittens lazing around in the sun. But have you ever wondered why this special fondness with the rays? Read on to find the answer.
Don’t break my heart!
Yes, cats can also suffer from heart disease. Some can be caused by nutrition, but most have a genetic basis. Here’s more on heart disease in cats.
Food wise!
– by Dr Goutam Mukherjee
We love to pamper our kitties with the food we eat. But beware, this can be harmful for your cat.