‘Dog Beings’- our Friends 4Ever


Truely our best friends, our ‘Dog Beings’ give us unconditional love. They also go through varied emotional moments and it’s our responsibility to understand and respect them.
To help us co-exist and understand our little furry friends, we at Dogs & Pups have introduced Friends 4Ever campaign in schools across Delhi. Interactive workshops are conducted with school children, helping them understand dogs better. We are trying to make children empathise with them and love them.
A code of conduct with our furry friends and give them love and respect they deserve. Hence, our aim is to teach children this code of conduct to be around dogs for their safety and better co-existence. Friends 4Ever informs children on how to treat their pets, others pets and even strays. We basically help them understand situations that are safe to touch a dog and when not to, Dos and Don’ts and their basic wellbeing. With edutainment and fun children will understand their furry friends better. We know that it is our responsibility to create a harmonious relationship between human beings and dog beings. And, their unconditional love and faithfulness only inspires us more to do our best.
The New Year has begun, with a promise of new beginnings and relishing the old ones. May this New Year bring all our readers fun, joy, adventure and happiness. Let’s all celebrate the bonds we cherish in our lives and nourish them further.
Sparkle wishes you a Fantastic & Fabulous New Year!
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