Private off-leash Dog Park in Bengaluru: Enjoy Agility & Have Fun!


Sarfaraz Nasir
Pet parents in Bengaluru looking for open and safe outdoor place for their pooches have a new reason to celebrate. Petboro, known for providing various quality pet services, has recently opened India’s first private off-leash dog park with agility equipment in Whitefield area of Bengaluru.
Spread over an area of 16,000 sq ft, Petboro playground like dog park is an outdoor space, designed exclusively for pets. It offers everything your furry kids need in order to keep them happy and healthy.
Need for dog parks…
Dogs need exercise on a regular basis in order to stay fit, healthy and active. Lack of physical activities and socialisation are the main causes for many behavioural and health issues in pet dogs. There aren’t many parks dedicated solely to dogs in India, so pet parents in Bengaluru don’t have many options when it comes to taking their four-legged friends out. However, with the opening of a new dog park in Bengaluru, that is all about to change.
Petboro dog park…
This dog park has been designed for dogs of all sizes. This completely fenced-in park features jump hoops, walk ramps, stepping paws, doggie crawl, weave posts, a doggie see-saw, and even a nice resting table where dog can go in order to rest. It is the perfect opportunity for pet parents to take their furry family members out and maybe even teach some new tricks. The off-leash dog park is a perfect place for canines to play their natural games. Pets can run around, jump, crawl, and play freely. The dog park also provides an opportunity for dogs to socialise and make new furry friends. “We visited Petboro with our senior dogs aged 10 years for their post birthday celebrations. Our kids had such a good time running wild & free, making new furry friends. It sure made us feel very nostalgic looking at the younger dogs frolicking around and reminded us of our babies when they were young and very energetic. Glad they have a concrete floor instead of grass to avoid any ticks and fleas incidents. The facility is very well maintained,” shares Mallika, a pet parent. Another pet parent Anirban remarks, “It was really a nice experience in that wonderful set-up. It’s a really pet-friendly set-up and the keepers too.”
Cost for the fun…
The cost to go to this dog park is only Rs 200 for an hour of play time session, and the small amount of money that is spent is well worth it. The maximum capacity is 15 dogs per session, so pet parents can rest with the satisfaction of knowing there will be plenty of space to play. With the increased level of socialisation and physical activities, health and behavioural issues in pet dogs can be reduced. Pet parents who are interested in visiting Petboro Dog Park with their furry friends can go to in order to book a time slot online. Also, there’s a limited number of annual memberships available at a discount price for those pet parents who are serious about their canine’s health and would like to attend the park on a routine basis. The Petboro Dog Park is open every day, including weekends.
Why agility is important & some fun?
Agility sport is growing popularity worldwide because of its many benefits. It provides vigorous exercise which dogs need to expend pent-up energy, which helps reduce canine behavioural issues and keeps them healthy. Most importantly, agility training increases self-confidence and acts as a therapeutic tool for fearful or insecure dogs. Once trained, dogs can also participate in fun agility competitions. Any dog over the age of four months can learn this cool trick and have fun. Following are a few agility sports and how to train your dog to use them.
Agility Bar Jump – Stimulates both the dog’s mind and body, allowing him to have fun and burn off excess energy. Here’s how to train dog on agility bar jump.

  • Setup the dog jump bar, according to your dog’s height. For example, lowest level for smaller dog and higher for medium and large dogs.
  • Walk your dog quickly towards the jump and give voice command “Hup”. If he hesitates to jump or stop at the bar, gently lift him over the bar.
  • Repeat until your dog jumps each time you say “Hup”.
  • Reward a good jump with a treat and words of praise (for example: Good Job).
  • As they master one level, raise the bar to the next level.
  • Once your dog masters it, remove the leash.
  • Give your dog the “Stay” command to keep him at starting point.
  • Walk around the opposite side of the jump. Make sure your dog see you.
  • Clap your hands over the bar while giving the “Come” command and when they reach close to the bar, give the “Hup” command.”
  • Reward jumps with words of praise and/or a treat.
  • Practicing it until your dog masters it.

Doggie Walk Ramp – This is like a hangout place for pooches when they play together or just want to be alone. Here’s how to train dog on walk ramp.

  • Walk along your dog with the leash to make him feel secure.
  • Use your hand or a treat to help your dog focus on the board in front of him.
  • Pat the board a foot ahead to keep encouraging dog to walk ahead.
  • Give verbal encouragement along the way.
  • At the bottom, make sure dog does not jump off too early. Guide him to walk all the way to the bottom.
  • Give your dog a treat when he touches feet at the ground.
  • Repeat this few times.
  • Remove leash and let your dog walk on the ramp.

Doggie Crawl – All sizes of dogs love to crawl. It is an amazing way for dogs to explore and have fun. Here’s how to train your dog on Doggie Crawl.

  • Walk your dog to one end of the doggie crawl.
  • Remove leash.
  • Ask your dog to stay.
  • Walk over to other end, with a treat in your hand, call your dog to walk towards you through the drum.
  • Extend your hand half way in to the drum and guide your dog through the tunnel if he hesitates.
  • Give your dog a treat if he walks through the doggie crawl.
  • Repeat few times.

Doggie Rest Table – Canines would rather keep playing, but even the most active dogs need to rest in between. Doggie rest table is a perfect place pooches to take some rest in between games. Here’s how to train dogs on Doggie Rest Table.

  • Walk your dog on a leash to the Doggie Rest table.
  • Help your dog climb up to the table by gently lifting him with the leash
  • Give your dog “Sit” command.
  • Hold leash for 5 seconds to make sure the dog sits for at least 5 seconds on the rest table.
  • Use “Let’s Go” command and help your dog get off the table.
  • Give your dog a treat.
  • Repeat this for 5-6 times.
  • Remove the leash.
  • Repeat the above steps without the leash.

Stepping Paws– Dogs love going on stepping paws. These are comfortable and fun, giving a perfect canine work out.
Three Hoop Jump– Hoop jumps provide hours of fun to dogs of all sizes and abilities.
Weave Posts– A great fun sport for dogs while making them burn off some energy.
Doggie Seesaw–Provides a great mental and physical exercise while working as a team.