Unforgettable in every way!


Like the jingle Har ek friend zaroori hota hai, friendship takes us forward. Expression & care is the key. We are even luckier to share this bond with our four-legged canine friends in our homes and around us. While growing up, I shared my heart and home with Beauty and Teddy. Beauty, a black Labrador, was like a little black bear when she came to us and grew to be a lady of charm. Teddy on the other hand was a fluffy white GRIZZLY protective Spitz – who took it upon himself to be our guard – he would not even allow our parents to enter our room. And now Sparkle takes the cake too – he demands whatever he wants and ensures he gets it ASAP – no room for patience. We create many precious memories every day. We call him Sparkle – the office going dog!

Also to remember our precious four-legged friends around us who are always so excited and eager to meet and greet. Many of us are lucky to have these angels around the place we live or work. Sparkle and I share our lives with Kaalu – as the name says a beautiful black dog who is around our office and always so happy to see us. At home – there is Goldy, with his glistening fur who has been Sparkle’s friend for years – he only wants a pat, a brush against the leg and love. Then, there is a newcomer called Starry who knows he is a rock star, with his sparkling golden eyes… he actually escorts me and Sparkle for our morning walks and feels so happy doing so. Not to forget Cranky – who keeps whining for food and attention – he got hurt and when we nurtured him, he has made our home area his base- welcoming us with his whines – the moment he spots us. Then there is this adorable talking dog – called Fatso…you talk to him and he talks back, he truly is amazing! And as the name suggests – well-fed, pampered pet of the colony. There’s Lady – who has the best wag! Then, there’s another special friend who meets us on our walks with his awesome white fur and chocolate brown eyes – both Sparkle and I feel our day is made when we meet him. Not only does he jump with joy but Sparkle and I are prancing too….that’s the effect he has on us. To passers by… it seems like madness!
Enjoy each day of your togetherness with your little one…every moment is precious. Take care of them and be compassionate towards those on the streets.
Happy summer and stay cool, says Sparkle, who has himself made a permanent seat right in front of the AC, in every room he goes!