Know your grooming brushes


Guiding pet parents who are not aware of breeds and their brushes, Red Paws has compiled a collection of brushes designed in accordance to variations in coat types.
Slicker Brush: This brush is appropriately designed for long-haired dogs such as Poodles, Shih Tzu and other mixed Terrier breeds. Available in various sizes, Slicker Brush looks sort of like needles.
Wide Tooth Comb: This looks like a human comb, but the only difference is that the teeth are closer together so that it can comb out silky hair of long-haired breeds. This brush needs to be used from the roots outwards to remove knots and undercoats properly.
Flea Comb: The name says it all! The teeth of this brush are very close together to remove fleas that keep hounding your pooch. This is good to use after a flea and tick bath.
Rake: This brush is great for dogs like St Bernard, Golden Retriever, German Shepherd, etc, who tend to have a lot of undercoat and need regular brushing to help remove excess hair.
Bristle Brush: Generally used in combination with other brushes, Bristle Brush is good to use on most breeds.
Rubber Curry Brushes & Kong Zoom Groom: Rubber Curry Brushes are great for short-haired breeds and they attract hair like magnet. Similarly, Kong Zoom Groom works on the same principle like the Rubber Curry Brushes, but it is made of material that lasts longer.
Red Paws Day Out
There’s a reason to celebrate for Delhittes…Red Paws Day Out is organising on 5th February 2017 at Zorba, MG Road, New Delhi. At the event, visitors can enjoy various activities while their furry friends can benefit from Q&A sessions with doggie nutritionists and vet.To shop the Red Paw brushes online, log on to: and for more information, visit the blog: