“Just Like Oxygen is Important For Life, So is Cell-Pet® Important For Our Pets… For Longevity And Health. Let’s See How.”


Fungal Infection : The treatment started on 15th July 2016 July 2016, This dog has  been suffering from severe fungale infection for many months now without any  improvement or healing taking place.The picture was taken on 21 July 2016, Lots of healing has alredy taken place since the Cell-Pet® treatment started only 6 days ago. The owner only gave him 6-7 drops of Cell-Pet® twice a day by mixing on 20 ml water and also making sure that the dog drank all the water containing the Cell-Pet® Prior to being given more water to drink. It is important that animals and humans alike, drink the best quality water available.Pet’s Owner is so happy with Cell-Pet® Amazing improvement in less than 2 months as we an see, the Pic taken on 5th September 2016.
Skin Burns : At the end of June the Cell-Pet® Team visited an NGO in India and came across the very traumatised dog that has been suffering from burnt skin for at least the past 3 months and was in obvious discomfort The Cell-Pet® Team decided to give the dog 3 drops of Cell-Pet® diluted in 15ml’s purified water orally and Recommended that his doasage be administered twice a day for 3 days. On day 4 and 5 the Cell-Pet® dosage was to be increased  to 5 drops twice a day and to 7 drop twice a day from day 6 onwards. The Treatment Started on 3rd July 2016. The anti-septic cream dilution was well stirred in order to to ensure that the Cell-Pet® is evenly distributed. This is very important as Cell-Pet® is highly concentrated and acidic. In addition to the oral dosage, the caretaker decided to apply and anti-septic lotion to which 5 drops of Cell-Pet® was added.Picture taken 24th July 2016, Lot of improvement in skin burn case… Giving 6-7 drop Cell-Pet® mixed in 20 ml water every day… The wounds have healed very nicely and no infection occurred at all! The veterinarian was very pleased with the result achieved in less than 1 month.
Cell-Pet® is a registered blend of natural plant-sourced minerals, nutrients and electrolytes and is not a medicine. Enchantrix Organic Pvt Ltd and the manufacturers make no medical claims or otherwise for the treatment, prevention, cure or mitigation of disease. If your Pet has a medical condition, we recommend you consult a Veterinarian.