The Book of Indian Dogs


Varsha and Rocky
Author: S Theodore Baskaran, Publisher: Aleph Book Company
The Book of Indian Dogs is the first comprehensive book on Indian dog breeds in over fifty years. It features the twenty-five breeds that most breeders and dog fanciers agree constitute the country’s canine heritage. Divided into three groupings—Working Dogs, Companion Dogs and Hounds—the book provides detailed background notes to each breed, along with information on their physical characteristics, behaviour, uses, origins and history. Along with popular breeds like Caravan Hounds (or Karuvanis), Chippiparais, Mudhol Hounds, Pashmis, Rajapalayams and Rampur Hounds the book also features lesser known breeds such as Alaknoori and Jonangi. With the author’s fruit of several years of travel and research into India’s dog breeds, as well as his hands-on experience of raising various dogs, The Book of Indian Dogs is a celebration of desi breeds and this is a book no dog lover can do without.