My mom and me!


Today I am a lucky person to have dog in my house and of course to help a dog outside my house. But this actually was not easy. One day in December 2009 we went to a breeder who led us to a kennel where many Labs were kept. But there was only one pup who was the fastest and cutest. He came to check who was standing, that was love at first sight. We named him Blog and called him lovingly Bloggy! I had to face difficulties as my father was not receptive to dogs. However, surprisingly after a few months he started pampering and even taking him to walks.

After a few months, a cute brown little stray came near my house. I first thought she just came in search of food but she started living there. Since that day whenever I used to go to cycling I would hide some biscuits in my pocket to feed her. Biscuits were unbelievably getting finished. This happened regularly for two months. I was just 10 years old then.
One-day my mother noticed what I was doing and she too joined the gang! We started feeding her secretly by hiding it from others in the house. When my father got to know about it he was angry at first but allowed later. She fell ill because she ate bones thrown out by butchers and her mouth got infected by cuts. Now-a-day we not only feed her but also give her medical treatment. She is loyal and protective. She sleeps in the day and guards the colony at night.
I think my mother Shuchi Arora is the best pet lover I know, she everyday takes care of our stray friend who has been around us for nearly two years now and has done a lot for our colony.
–Avi Arora, Dehradun