Aristocratic blue!

The aristocratic Russian Blue is the gem of the feline world. Is it any wonder they are rumoured to have been the pets of the Russian Czars and a favourite of Queen Victoria? Here’s more about this amazing breed.

Sheer elegance combined with intelligence make Russian Blue a winner in the show ring and in the home. They hold out hearts with their great beauty, incredible intelligence and amazing personalities. Once you’ve had a Russian Blue you are spoiled for any other breed – you will never want any other breed.
Beautiful looks…
Aristocratic Russian Blue
Also known as the Archangel cat, the Russian Blue’s short, dense silver-tipped blue fur glistens and shimmers in the light as they move, providing an elegant setting for their glowing emerald green eyes. The deep, vivid green eyes engage your attention and draw you deep into their depths. Their beautiful faces have an enigmatic smile as they survey their dominion with satisfaction. The characteristic smile is emphasised by the crossing of the muzzle and cheekbone planes. The wide, high cheekbones frame the large, almost round emerald eye.
They are a medium-sized cat with fine boning and large, flared ears – all in wonderful harmony. They are lithe and muscular. The long legs are fine boned and the cat seems to know it as he often poses sitting high with feet crossed in a pose that accentuates the line of the cat. The head is a wedge with seven angular planes that create a pleasing look. The large, flared ears frame the exquisite face providing a pleasing balance.
Russian Blues come in one coat colour – Blue, and one coat length – Short. Watching a Russian Blue moving in sunlight is like watching poetry in motion! The dense coat stands out from the body and you can draw patterns in the coat that will stay until you smooth them out again.
Lovely companion…
The elegant, aristocratic Russian Blue has a keen intellect that makes him an engaging companion. They survey a situation before diving in and so rarely get into a difficult situation – he observes people to determine if they are worthy of his companionship. Sometimes people see this behaviour as shy or aloof when he is really just reserved with strangers until he has fully assessed them. Once the Russian Blue decides you are worthy of his attention, he is extremely affectionate and expects your loving attention to all his needs.
Living with them…
They will teach you how to play Fetch – bringing you their toy and demanding you throw it for them! Their quick intelligence has them learning all the time – and they will watch you until they figure out how to open that container containing their favourite treats! While they are generally quiet cats, they will talk to you if you talk to them and can develop a large vocabulary.
They are playful, loving companions who get along well with children and other pets. They are a great choice for the modern family because they are content with their own company while you are out but delighted to spend time playing or curled in your lap when you get home.
The age-old relationship…
I fell in love with this magnificent breed of cat many years ago as a child. I have bred cats for over 40 years and have had many different breeds throughout the years; however today my husband and I breed Russian Blues exclusively. They hold out hearts with their great beauty, incredible intelligence and amazing personalities.
(Amanda Bright has bred cats for over 40 years and has had many different breeds throughout the years; and she and her husband currently breed Russian Blues exclusively.)