Make recovery faster from injuries with Cell-Pet


Cell-Pet is a highly concentrated super energised, colloidal mineral and nutritional supplement for your pets. With the power of Oxygen, it can not only transform your pet’s healthy being, but also help him recover faster from injuries.
Skin Infection
There is a query-What is the property in Cell-Pet which works in skin infection even when the animal is in the water… Our findings are: That when Cell-Pet mixed with any aqueous cream, it does not washes out… It has worked effectively on the skin.. The  chronic skin problem healed very fast & gives satisfactory  results.. Want to know inputs..Reason: How sad to see a man’s best friend in such a poor condition:Once Cell-Pet mixed with Aqueous Cream is applied to the skin, the Cell-Pet is rapidly absorbed into the skin as the nutrient particles, which are negativ ely charged ionic colloids, are attracted to the positively-charged membranes of the skin. The nutrients are then rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream, and assimilated into the cells. The remaining Aqueous cream then keeps the affected area moist and prevents contaminated water or other germs from entering the body. Cell-Pet is highly concentrated and has a pH of 0.3 which is acidic. Once Cell-Pet is mixed with Aqueous Cream or water, the pH increases to an alkaline state of between 5.5 and 6.8. Despite its acidic nature, Cell-Pet can quite safely be placed on the tongue in undiluted form without any adverse reaction occurring. When mixed with the spit in the mouth, the pH also increases accordingly. We have effectively used Cell-Pet sprayed directly into the mouth of a dog that was choking. This resulted in reduced choking due to the additional oxygen that was immediately created. We have experienced the same effect with Cellfood and Humans.
Post-Operative Recovery with Cell-Vet® 
There are many more pets who have healed with Cell-Pet, which is an amazing supplement which can enhance nutritional biochemical activities and enable them to function optimally.
Environmentally and ecologically safe for all types of pets, it has no detrimental side-effects, and has numerous benefits for your pet. Post-Operative Recovery with Cell-Vet®
He was 11 year old horse diagnose with an Ethmoid hematoma & growth in his sinus cavity.
The heeling process is amazing, he went for his check-up scope on 03rd July, 2014 & the vet absolutely happy as there is no re-growth of hematoma & in his Sinus. His breathing is perfect.
Varied benefits of using Cell-Pet®

  • Enhances vitality and energy l Reduces lethargy or distress
  • Reduces unbalanced hyperactivity l Protects against diseases
  • Enhances optimal bodily functions l Strengthens systems, e.g.
    immune system l Balances body mass l Improves digestion
  •  Enhances texture and sheen of coat l Promotes peak performance
  •  Maintains general well-being l Powerful free radical scavenger
    with increment of the dissolved oxygen in blood l Prevents
    Atherosclerosis, a disease of the arteries

Directions for use…
Cell-Pet is highly concentrated, so it needs to be started off as a very
low dose