All about service dog ID cards – Important Questions Answered


Typically service dogs are used by people who have disabilities like visual and/or hearing impairments, mental illness, etc. These dogs have been specifically trained to cater to the specific needs of these individuals; service dogs’ work wonders to improve the sense of security and confidence of these individuals as they have been trained to mitigate the disability of the dog’s owner. It’s important to remember that a service dog is primarily a service animal and not a pet. Their owners are dependent on them and not vice-versa. This is why the use of specially designed service dog ID cards for such dogs makes perfect sense.

But the question is, “Is it possible to design and print an ID card especially for services dogs?” The answer is a big YES.

Let’s answer some questions that you might have about a service dog ID card.
Why should a service dog have an ID card?
The dog needs to be easily identified as a service dog that is helping the owner come to terms with a specific disability. The ID card performs two important functions; in case the dog and its owner get separated for some reason, people who come across the dog can immediately get in touch with the dog owner; another important function is that it identifies the dog as a service dog, ensuring people make way for the person with the dog; otherwise the person might come across as somebody who is just taking his pet out for a walk.
What is the information on service dog’s ID card?
The information on the ID card depends on the disability of the owner, the breed of the dog and the kind of help it provides the owner. Typical information on such cards includes the dog’s picture, registration number of the service animal, date of registration, name of the dog, breed of the dog, it’scolor, gender, training, name of its owner, contact number in case of emergency and any other information that is important for the dog and its owner.
It’s important that comprehensive information be provided in the ID card, and you leave nothing out. This could mean a difference between life and death in an emergency.
How do I get an ID card for service dogs?
This is not as difficult as it sounds, because plenty of printing services providers who specializing in printing ID cards, also print Service dog ID cards. But the problem you might face is that some of them will only accept bulk orders. But don’t worry. Even if you have a requirement for limited cards, there will definitely be a printer who will be able to satisfy your requirements.
How do I know whether the printer will deliver a professional looking ID card?
The key to and effective service dog ID card is information clarity. This is why you need to do some research on the kind of printer you want to task with the printing job. Don’t choose the first printer who agrees to print such a card for you. Ask the people around you whether they can refer you to somebody who is experienced in printing a service dog ID card. Sometimes it is your friends and family who can refer you to the best printer.
Can I design my own ID cards?
Of course you can; there are plenty of ID card printing services providers who have online software on their sites, which can be used by their customers to design their own cards. All you need to do is design your card, enter all the information you need, preview it and then send it for processing. It’s a simple process that just about anyone can follow without experiencing any problems.
What is the cost of printing such card/s?
The costs of printing such cards differ from one printer to another. As these are specialized cards and don’t involve a bulk purchase, printers might charge you a little more for such cards then they will for ID card order placed in bulk. But, don’t let the pricing put you off, you are not going to purchase such cards all the time.
End Words
Designing and ordering printed ID cards for service dogs is not a difficult task. But you must begin this process by understanding why you need such ID cards, the kind of information you want on your card and the various factors to keep in mind while searching for a printer who specializes in such cards. The idea behind getting all the information you can about service dog ID cards is to ensure you make an informed decision regarding them. This will help you get your hands on a professional looking card that is well designed and that has all the information you need.