Love struck one rainy day


Atiny pup outside my house took my heart away. One day, it was raining cats and dogs. I told my wife that I had something special for her. I picked up the tiny furry fellow in the rain and brought him home. After an instant, I observed two states – first, my wife was angry; second my eight months old daughter Paridhi was ecstatic. I told my wife to check out Paridhi who was on the seventh planet playing with her new buddy whom we finally named Octopussy. Paridhi was blissful which made us feel very happy. After two months, we observed our Paridhi became more active in the company of tiny Octopussy. Arrival of Octopussy has made our family complete and I am thankful to that rainy day, which created love in our lives!
– Dr Pradeep Sheoran, Haryana