Fun for Fluffy Feline

Check out these FIVE simple games you can play with your cat to keep her amused and active all day!

Pet parents often complain about their cats being lazy and inactive. By nature, cats are extremely playful and curious. They love exploring, hunting for things and chasing down moving objects. But the natural hunting instinct and playful spirit of the domestic cats often get stifled as they spend far too much time indoors. As a pet parent, you can help your cat come out of her sluggishness by constantly engaging her in games and fun activities. This will also help strengthen your bond with your feline companion.

Here are FIVE fun games that you can play with your cat to keep her physically and mentally fit and agile.
1. Chase the ball: You don’t need expensive toys to entertain your cat. A simple ping pong ball would do the trick. Just bounce a ping pong ball on the floor and watch your cat all excited, hopping along with it, trying to grab the ball. You could even roll the ball on the floor, and let your kitty chase it around the house. Ping pong balls are safe toys and being lightweight, they won’t hurt your cat, even if she gets hit by them.
2. Catch it if you can: While a rolling ball mimics the movement of mice, a wand toy mimics a fluttering bird, thereby capturing your cat’s attention. Wand toys are simple to make. Just take a piece of stick and attach a bright, colourful cloth or ribbon to its end. Wave the wand, move it in circular motions, and watch you kitty twist and turn, to get hold of it. Don’t forget to reward your kitty with treats, if she grabs the wand, and wins the game.
3. Follow the flash: Nothing can pique a cat’s curiosity more than a flickering, racing beam of light. Get a flashlight or a laser light and start moving it across the floor and up and down the wall. Move it in quick, irregular motions, and watch your cat pounce on the shimmering light, trying to grab it with her paws, and performing other funny acts, thinking it’s a firefly or some other insect.
4. Wrestling with blanket: Cats love rolling on the bed and hiding under the blanket. The next time you find your kitty lying lazily on the bed, grab a blanket and put your hand underneath. Then, move your fingers up and down and across the blanket. Your cat will instantly jump out of her torpidity, to catch your fingers, and be her usual animated self once again.
5. Bag of fun: That paper bag from the grocery store could be an interesting toy for your cat. Place an empty paper grocery bag in the middle of the room, or where your cat can see it. When your kitty jumps inside the bag, gently poke her from the sides, and move your fingers along the bag to amuse her, while she is busy exploring the bag.
Toy facts

  • Like kids, your cat too can become bored with toys. You can keep a couple of toys at hand and give her a few to play with. When she is bored with them, stack them way and take out the rest. Likewise, change them with the earlier ones when she is through with the new ones.
  • Include a variety of games in her playtime, and observe how she responds to each of these.
  • If she loves a particular game or enjoys wrestling and snuggling with a particular toy, include that more often in her play.
  • Make sure the toy you give her is safe.