5 must-know tips for paw care


With little steps they walk into our life and leave footprints on our heart for a lifetime. So, it makes sense to take care for our dog’s paws as well.

A dog’s paws provide extra cushioning and protect their joints and bones from shock, and protect the deep tissues within the paws. They also provide the required insulation against extreme weather conditions.

Look where they walk: Try and avoid walking your dog on hot and rough surfaces as he can get foot pad injuries, which can range from cuts and abrasions to tears. Also no playing in snow for extended periods.
Check for nicks and cracks: If the dog is limping or is reluctant to keep his foot on the ground, there is something troubling him. Check for injuries, cuts, and cracks. An ulcer or a blister may also be the cause of pain. If your dog’s paw is injured, wash it with lukewarm water and clean it with an antiseptic; let it air dry and then cover it with dressing. Else, take him to the vet, who can suggest an ointment or would do a dressing, depending upon the severity of the injury.
Clean in between toes: While cleaning your dog’s feet, don’t forget to clean in between toes. Check for any cuts or abrasions, or even foreign bodies lodged which might cause pain and injury. Small pieces of pebbles, shreds of glass, or debris should always be removed with a pair of tweezers. And if you cannot remove it yourself, take your pet to the vet. Specially check for ticks!
Moisturise paw pads: Paw pads generally tend to become rough and dry in extreme climate conditions. Moisturising them well is the key to keep your pooch’s paw pads soft and healthy. There are various pad moisturisers and lotions available in the market, talk to your vet about the best one suited for your pet. Human moisturizers are a big no-no. They would soften the dog’s paws way too much which can lead to paw injury and cuts.
Paw massage: A paw massage is a great idea to keep a check on your pet’s paws and increase blood circulation. But, dogs are very sensitive about their paws. If you plan to clean their paws or apply a paw balm, then patience is the key. Make sure you start it slow. Apply a little paw butter and gently massage. You’ll see your pet starting to enjoy these pamper sessions!
Most foot pad injuries can be healed with a little extra care. So, get paw butter and let your little one enjoy a foot spa at home!