Say no to puppy mills!


Hundreds of thousands of dogs in India suffer in puppy mills; they are made prisoners of greed, locked in small dirty cages, freezing in winter and sweltering in summer, never getting out of their locked cages. They are made to breed over and over again until they die. The only way to free them from this misery is by refusing to buy a puppy from a puppy mill.

Life of a dog is a nightmare in a puppy mill. Here are a few things that a dog undergoes there.

  • No space to move: Dogs are kept in crammed up small cages for their entire life.
  • Getting hurt: Many of them get hurt when they get caught in the wires on floor of cages when they try to free themselves.
  • Apathy of a female dog: Female dogs are bred for the first time when they come on heat and then on bred on every time they come to heat until their poor worn out bodies cant reproduce anymore and when they are of no use they are abandoned.
  • Inhumane practice: Many a time, puppies are sold to labs and those a little deformed and weak are left on road to die.
  • No care: Puppy mills maximize their profits by not spending adequate money on proper food, housing and vetinary care.
  • Ungroomed and unhealthy: Puppies and dogs are covered with matted, filthy hair rotting teeth due to decay.
  • Weaned early: Puppies are taken away from their mothers when they are only 5-8 weeks old and sold to brokers.
  • Behavioural issues: Many have emotional problems; they are psychologically scared from the mind numbing boredom of being imprisoned in small cages for years and they develop a habit of going round and round in circles for hours or barking at walls.
  • Crippled for life: Breeding dogs are caged, sometimes soiled in their own excrement, leading to genetic defects or physical deformities lifelong.

These are just a glimpse but the picture is scarier and horrifying, so next time you think of getting a pet, find out where he/she came from. Else, adopt a stray from a shelter.