MAX—The best gift ever


It was in May in the year 2014, my birthday was approaching and my husband had decided to give me the world’s most beautiful and precious gift one could ever gift his wife—a Life, i.e. MAX, a Neapolitan Mastiff. We had already decided his name a month back. The day he joined us, our life changed beautifully. It was such a warm moment when we held him in our arms and he was licking us all over our faces. His cute paws are bigger than the normal ones. We can proudly say, without doubt, adopting MAX was our best decision ever! He is our strength and he is our weakness.
I became mommy the day I held him in my arms. Since then I have the responsibility to take care of, a baby, who could not speak. I had to understand his gestures as I came from a family where I was born surrounded by different animals and birds. But as an individual, it was my first experience; believe me, I was just ‘loving’ it. I had to feed him in particular time intervals, proper medications, etc. And I’m proud of my husband who supported me equally. The funny part in it is that he got a new hob—a poo collector.

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Having MAX in the family has brought so much positivity in our lives. You can’t dare get up sad or cranky in the morning. It’s always a fresh, energetic and most importantly a smiley wake-up in the morning. From having tea in the morning to lunch and till you go to bed at night, MAX is always with us. That’s the best part. He is our ‘shadow’.
Well! It’s an endless adventure of our life and there are many more to come. Love
you MAX!
–Arpita with Narendra Yadav, Navi Mumbai