A Home for Gori


Memoir of a beloved canine
Habib Rehman’s A Home for Gori is not merely a book but an outpour of timeless romance he keeps affectionately in the corner of his heart for his beloved Gori who died on 27 July 2005. The author shares the joy and anguish of his canine friend with Dogs & Pups at his New Delhi ‘home’ that was built as a memorial to Gori in sight of her grave in the courtyard.

A Home for Gori will remind dog-lovers of the canine companions they have loved, and lost. To the rest, it will tell an extraordinary story of a dog and a human being, and a bond that endures, quite literally, beyond the grave.
Ever since he worked as a major in the Indian Army in the remotest area of Arunachal Pradesh, Habib Rehman began to realise what love lies between humans and canine partners. He left army to join the hospitality industry where he spent three decades with ITC. He recently retired as director-in-charge of ITC’s hotels, travel & tourism and food businesses.
The love story…
In the mid-nineties, Gori was smuggled by his wife into their home. Habib refused to do anything with the six-week-old Gori in the first place. But it didn’t take long for him to be smitten by Gori’s charms and she soon wormed her way into his heart.
For a span of ten years, Habib and Gori had become inseparable companions. They walked together, played games, shared the same pillow, talked on phone when he traveled out. “The first time when she snuggled with me on my pillow was the turning point after which we never looked back. I was more demonstrative so that got me in her better books not to forget the games and walks which strengthened our relationship more. She took me as her pack leader. She was very sensitive to everyone’s needs,” says Habib.
Gori… the heart stealer
“Gori was always full of life and love, her gentle ways and antics never ceased to amaze me, the cow she made an enemy of, her love for kebabs during a party, the best part is she knew exactly when she would be given a delicacy, just made me love her every moment. Gori was very intelligent and by judging the size of my suitcase she would exactly know for how many days I would be gone. In my absence, everybody in the family, particularly my wife, took good care of Gori,” tells Habib.
Tough time…
He mentions, “Agnes really helped us a lot in taking care of her when she was ill. My veterinarian Dr Pradeep Rana was gently urging me to let her go but I was determined to see her survive. It was big emotional loss for us. Now, I have my life filled with so many canine members.”
A note…
People should adopt for the right reason only for love. And once you have your pet in, it’s your responsibility to understand their needs and behaviour. Because when people don’t understand a dog’s behaviour, frustration arise and they vent their anger on them (dogs)–which is very wrong. More love you give, more you get.