I miss you more too!


So, I miss black and white—the fur, the warm nose, the mesmerising eyes, the six dots on the nose, the way he jumped and wanted to be with only us in the morning. I miss him in all the big things and all the little things—his stubbornness, his playfulness, his anger, his highness being grumpy and demanding his meal, and not to forget, the right over each snack which was served. I knew I was in emotional state of trauma when I missed seeing all the dirt on the floor, the house looked so clean after him, the space where he used to sit empty, I kind of missed all of him, even his ticks! That’s the time I knew I was in trouble! Suhaan, who is all of 9, truly thought I was demented!

A dog is simply not a dog I believe. Somewhere they become so much more with the unconditional love they give. A dog becomes a part of your heart, mind, soul, senses and more….you miss the fur, you miss his touch, you long for those beady eyes….I could go on. But like every love comes loss and a time to heal, so I guess that is where we are. His magical memories will always be with us…and Sparkle in our hearts, till we meet again!

This is also a moment of celebration as we complete thirteen years. Also, we are very happy to see people coming together and working on new things which make it a better world for all our canine friends. To sniff more on this, we have some good reads in this issue, such as Fur Ball Story is Just a Call Away!, Unleash Your Canine Love – The TherPUP Cafe Way and others.
Our canine friends are truly special and gifted. So, this is actually a friendship which is eternal, timeless and true…each one of us who adores them can vouch for the same. With feelings, emotions and intelligence, they can take on a multiple activities. It is said that more than electronic gadgets our furry sniffers are 99 percent accurate when it comes to detection of explosives and smuggled goods.

As on today, CISF employs more than 500 sniffers in its K-9 Squad who are deputed at airports, harbours, nuclear installations and others. At training schools, these sniffer dogs team up with their human trainers to form a life-long bond. Moreover, Kaziranga National Park in Assam has scaled up its dog squad with the addition of four new Belgian Malinois dogs to assist the anti-poaching operations for protection of the rare rhinos in the park.

Social media has helped in a big way to search for missing pets. Popular platforms like Facebook these days are swarmed with photos of missing dogs, particularly in Delhi. Pet parents are upset that the stolen dogs might have taken to illegal breeding farms or puppy mills running in several hidden corners of the capital city. To curb this missing menace constantly reporting on social media, many pet parents and activists now say every dog must wear microchip-based ID card and a centralised data registry system must be set up to record all sale and purchase of dogs.

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