Celebs and their love for four-legged friends!


Virat’s wonder wag Bruno

The hunk of Indian cricket has his heart melting at the wags of Bruno, his pet Beagle. Virat posts a lot of pictures with Bruno and he also accompanies Virat for a workout session, how cool is that! Recently Virat visited an animal shelter in Bengaluru where he adopted 15 dogs.

Priyanka’s pooch pals
Priyanya is pet parent of two adorable pooches—Brando and Diana. She is known for her special love and care for her pooches. Priyanka has opened a separate Instagram page for Diana, which is called ‘Diaries of Diana’.

Anushka’s adorable dude

Anushka’s little fur-ball, Dude, became an internet sensation when she posted his pictures on social media. She is seen spending a lot of time with her Labrador baby. She sealed her love for Dude at Pont des Arts – the love wall in Paris.

Arjun’s love for dog world

Arjun gives his love equally to pooches of all kinds. The actor has two pet dogs, namely, Gangsta (a Bulldog) and Muscles (a Pug). Moreover, he loves strays too. He feeds those furry buddies living on streets whenever he can and he has also been part of PeTA campaigns.

Salman’s super heroes: Mowgli, Mylove & Saint

The Bhaijaan of Bollywood has his jaan stuck in his pets. In the past he has had two French Mastiffs – Myson and Myjaan. Recently he got a Labrador Retriever – Mowgli, a Saint Bernard – Saint, and a Napolean Mastiff – Mylove. The latest addition to his canine family is another French Mastiff – Veer! Now that seems one big ‘Khandan’.

Dhoni’s cool team

The ‘Captain Cool’ of Indian T-20 team is an absolute pet lover. In the past he has adopted a stray in his hometown Ranchi. Currently he has three dogs. He keeps updating their pictures on his social media. Recently he posted a video on his Instagram account where he was seen training his pets. For Dhoni playing with his pets is one of the biggest stress busters.

Kapil’s comedy duo

Kapil’s love for dogs is not hidden. He has talked about animal welfare a lot on his show. He adopted a retired police dog named Zanjeer. Recently he got home a 45-day-old Labrador Retriever and has named him Firangi.

Soha & Kunal’s family

Soha and her hubby Kunal Khemu are both animal lovers. They actively take part in PeTA campaigns and have rescued various strays. Currently the mommy-to-be Soha and her husband live with three pet dogs – Masti, Misthi and Nimki. Her Instagram account is full of pictures that show how much she adored to be around her furry babies.