Unleash your canine love— the TherPUP Café way


We are used to being called the most magical place in Bangalore that houses nine (big and small, large and tiny, thin and fat, excited and very happy) dogs. We started with one simple mission – providing endless love of dogs to everyone deprived of it and bigger family to pet parents.

About TherPUP Cafe

I am a big dog lover, and have been with dogs from childhood. When I moved to Bangalore in 2013 for my job, I thought of adopting one. But the time spent in office and travelling was consuming the whole day and there would be no one to look after the dog. So dropped the idea of adopting and started looking for places where I can go and play with dogs. Sadly I couldn’t find any such place.

This made me think how many dog lovers in the city are missing the unconditional love of dogs. That is how I came up with the idea of having a cafe with some in-house dogs and hence TherPUP came to existence. The term TherPUP is derived from ‘therapy’ and ‘pups’.

TherPUP caters people who are dog lovers but are not able to keep a pet as well as pet parents with their fur babies to enjoy and play around with cafe dogs. The cafe has nine in-house dogs.

The objective is to encourage people for adoption and making more and more pet friendly places across India. We also try our best to support shelters running in the cities.

Pet parents visiting the cafe

We have lot of regular pet parents who visit us and their pets just love the place. As we have a huge area for dogs to run around and nine in-house dogs who are very friendly towards humans and other dogs. Over the weekends we get around 50 dogs with their pet parents.

Pet parents always thank us for coming up with this place as there are not many places where you can socialise your dog or have an area where they can run freely off leash.

Celebrations galore

We arrange dog birthday parties. We prepare dog cakes when ordered in prior. We also hold birthday parties for humans, where their pets can accompany them. And to add to mayhem and canine madness, we celebrate the birthdays of all our nine babies with great zeal at the cafe.

So the next time you are in Bangalore and want some extra doze of wet noses and wagging tails, you know TherPUP Cafe is the place to be! For further info contact at: 09686520315

For humans: As of now we serve mostly American style food – pizzas, sandwiches, burgers and pasta. Also some finger food. We are expanding the menu and soon more options will be available.

For pets: We have full three course meal for our fur balls. Starters include yak cheese puffies with boiled veggies like carrots, sweet potatoes, sweet pumpkin topped with honey – a delicious and healthy option.

In main course we have Chicken Americano which is a combination of boiled chicken pieces with brown rice and veggies. Pumpkin rice delight, a combination of brown rice with eggs, chicken and veggies and topped with peanut butter, is a favourite of many furry babies.

For desserts we have a cookie platter and ice creams made out of fresh watermelon juice and coconut milk.