Book Review


Author: Dale Preece-Kelly
Publisher: Hubble & Hattie
ISBN: 9781845849566
UPC: 6-36847-04956-0

Ten animals – nine non-humans and one human – take you on ten journeys, where, in each case, an animal in need of rescue overcomes their issues and goes on to help people overcome theirs. This is what this book titled Unleashing the Healing Power of Animals –True Stories About Therapy Animals narrates about. Written by Dale Preece-Kelly, an animal assisted therapy practitioner, this book is his own very personal experiences—describing how he was rescued by his animals and how the creatures he has rescued have become first class therapy animals. The book features a unique range of species, some never previously used in a therapeutic environment, showing how each species brings its own benefits to a therapy session. With a foreword from respected Animal Geographer Dr Daniel Allen, who has long supported Dale’s work, the book also gives advice on how to select and ‘train’ a therapy animal, what the benefits are of working with different animals, and how the benefits of each species differ. This book is indeed a fascinating insight into the field of animal-assisted therapy.