We are all love struck


Life is more beautiful when you give. As pet parents we feel blessed with the gift of love which we get in abundance. How special are the moments when your furry heartthrob chooses you, when he or she simply wants to come, sit and snuggle close to you. They give love & adoration like no other – it sure does make you feel complete. The melting eyes and the warmth–“smuggle” your heart in a matter of seconds. The excitement, exuberance and frenzy – when they see you, the lost-lonely forlorn looks when you go, the tribal dance when you return again, each day every time, each pet parent simply glows in the affection and warmth they get.
They simply give—a dog, a friend, a pet, a heartthrob—is family and bring so many simple joys to life every moment. Laughter runs through the family just watching their antics, to watch them sleep, snore and breathe—it gives us a sense of contentment like never before.
Specially, it is so beautiful to have children grow up with pets. I personally believe pets teach children unconditional love, companionship, stability, compassion, ability to express themselves and so much more. Moments with our furry friends are priceless and life’s true treasure.
And once you have given your heart to that “one conniving canine” who actually stole it– in the first moment, I think you are forever life struck and you love them all!
Moreover, a recent study says our pooches help older people above 65 years of age meet the WHO’s recommendations of at least 150 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity per day. It is also mentioned that pet parents of 65 years and above spend on average an additional 22 minutes walking, which means around 2700 steps per day, as compared to those who are not pet parents. This indicates that our pooches play important role in encouraging older people to walk more and live an active life to the fullest!
Happy to see so many people equally passionate about our furry darlings—in this issue, read One of a kind travel tale!, Muthu –You are so MINE!, Flying Fur Mobile Pet Grooming in Delhi-NCR… these articles simply show we are all love struck.
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As always, simply Sparkle struck!

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