Helping the homeless pets


TEDDY FOOD – bring joy to homeless animals online. Choose a pet – Buy a treat for the pet – Watch live video stream with the pet –Share joy with pets.

This is an online service which aims to help cats and dogs in animal shelters. With this online service you can choose the pets from an animal shelter, choose the way you want to help them, and watch their live streaming. For each act of help to the homeless pets you get titles and TF points.
Tell us a little about how this service was conceived and created?
One day founder Pavel Kotosov and his wife Varya were walking with their dog, Teddy. Teddy led them to an injured dog who was in terrible condition. Pavel and Varya took the little angel home, helped her recover. But soon it was time to send her to the shelter. They thought that this wasn’t enough and they wanted to know what would happen to her.
This is how we came up with the idea for this online pet service, where helping homeless pets can be provided in the transparent and honest way.
What’s the current network?
A service team has already connected seven shelters in four cities across Russia. The team has helped 266 homeless cats and dogs during the first year of its operation. You’d be happy to know that 110 cats and dogs have found their forever homes through it.
What are the plans of expanding the network in future?
In order to help more and more pets, the team is planning to bring in shelters from other countries: the US, Japan, Canada, UK, Australia and others in Europe. To make this expansion fruitful we have launched a fundraising project on Kickstarter.
Tell us more about the team.
We have an international team of volunteers who are more than ready to make a difference and improve the lives of shelter’s animals across the world. Every person in the team is a specialist in his own sphere: programming, marketing, website creation, design. Some people are our friends since university times, and others kept joining the team.
How does the online pet service help animals?
It is a platform connecting animal shelters all over the world. We put webcams in animal shelters and users can watch live video streaming 24×7 of their favourite pets and choose the way to help them: feed, cure, care, present a toy, or visit. Our goal is to make helping animals as easy as using YouTube.
This platform helps in reduction of shelter’s costs and raises adoption chances of animals. Many people help pets with their everyday living through this online pet service platform and soon they realise that they can provide forever home and loving family to the pet. “We are really glad that our shelter takes part in the (TEDDY FOOD) project. The project covers all our expenses on food and medicines. And now people adopt more pets from our shelter than before. We have also found a sponsor who learned about us thanks to the online pet service,” remarks Galina, Director of animal shelter Matroskin.
You are assured 100 percent transparency (24×7 live video streams from shelters) and accountability (detailed expense reports). For further information, visit: