Cuddle is Dipika’s STAR!


Television actor Dipika Kakar started her acting career with the role of Lakshmi in the mythological show Neer Bhare Tere Naina Devi. After that she appeared in Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo as Rekha, and she gained her popularity as Simar in the series Sasural Simar Ka on Color channel. Here’s her love for dogs and her pet.

Have you had pets throughout your childhood? If so, who was your first pet?
I was always fascinated by dogs while I was growing up, but wasn’t too comfortable around them at that time. Cuddle is my first pet. About two years ago I got Cuddle, to steer away from my fear and thanks to him I am not afraid of dogs anymore.
Any special incident you remember with your pet?
I have always been in love with his eyes! He can make them look so cute and innocent as well as naughty when he wants to. They are just so sweet and adorable. And the one thing that annoys me is when I get home and am all set to sleep, he cuddles up next to me (which of course I totally love) and then starts snoring right in my ears.
What are your pet’s favourite dishes?
Cuddle loves eating any and every kind of chicken dish, and surprisingly he loves eating ice cream as well! But only the Malai flavor from Naturals.
What is a special treat for your pet?
His birthday is on 25th November. Cuddle doesn’t like eating doggy cakes. So, while we gorge on a delicious chocolate cake on his birthday, we treat him with his favorite ice-cream and some chicken treats.
I also make his birthday cap on my own and try and plead him to let it stay on his head for a few minutes so that I can get a nice picture.
How do you spend time with your pet?
I honestly long to get back home when I am shooting or travelling, as during those times he is like a magnet who keeps pulling my thought to him at home. He sometimes does accompany me to the set, and he is a very well-behaved boy. Even when I leave him in my make-up room, he never creates a mess.
There have been times when he got restless and started barking while I was doing a crying scene. He though I am upset and would just come running to me and refused to leave my lap. So, now I take him on days when I have light shoots.
What do you love most about your pet?
Everything about him is just too cute!
Have you ever taken Cuddle on a vacation out of city?
Once I took Cuddle to Della Adventure Park in Lonavala, and he thoroughly enjoyed himself! He kept running in and out of all the cottages, sniffing around, and making himself comfortable in whichever cosy place he could find.
What do you think Cuddle loves the most about you?
Hahahaaa…Cuddle loves me the most when he knows I am about to give him his food and doggie treats.
How do you ensure Cuddle gets proper nutrition?
Since Cuddle is a fussy eater, I have to give him a daily dose of a 5 ml of tonic which has been prescribed by his vet. Through that he gets his daily dose of nutrition.
What’s your favourite activity with Cuddle?
When I get back home from a shoot in the evening, he gets this frenzy attack for about 10 minutes in which he runs all around the house at top speed, and I keep chasing him. So, we basically run behind each other around the whole house, and enjoy ourselves.
I also have my morning tea with him quietly sitting by my side waiting for me to give him some biscuits.
Anything funny that Cuddle keeps doing?
Our sofa at home is an L-shaped one; he keeps running on it from one side and getting off from the other side and back again. He loves playing this game and it is hilarious to watch.
Any tip you can want to share on the best way to groom and bring up your pet?
Just treat them like babies. Dogs are babies who never grow up. Give them your unconditional love, time, and patience and they will be the happiest!