Always on my mind


So the story goes on and I really thought my next editorial would not have Sparkle, but I guess we miss him most in the little things – every moment, daily joys we had with him. And actually those memories are most memorable, a magic potion for us to remember him and smile. Suhaan (my son who is 10) and I still jump with joy when we remember Sparkle’s antics. The best moment of our day was every morning when the good morning was really good and great. Sparkle would spring on the bed with joy and ears flying and what followed was three of us in mad mayhem, frenzy–wishing each other good morning with hugs, kisses and cuddle—that sure was a wonderful way to wake to a new day. We the trio also called ourselves the hugs, kisses and cuddles airlines and were ready to take flight to different destinations. Magic of love with imagination sprinkled happiness on our hearts–some feeling we will always love, remember and cherish.

But the Missing is larger (smile!)—we miss Sparkle everywhere… his favourite spot in the balcony where he viewed the world, the cuddles, the walks. I remember any time I was sad Sparkle would be the first to know and come and sit next to me…In a recent survey, I read-confirmed this. It was based on the study of how sensitive dogs are to human feelings. Sparkle would also be the first to run away when he sensed his mom was angry!

Suhaan too misses Sparkle more. Sparkle gave him a connect and companionship like no other. Till date, Suhaan says my brother Sparkle! Sparkle had always been very gentle with Suhaan. From the day Suhaan came home their bond grew with time and strengthened. What I realised was Suhaan learnt so many life’s essential lessons—where I had no role to play and which only Sparkle could teach, giving compassion, love, sharing, companionship, friendship and most important – FAMILY.

So I strongly believe that NO DOG should be ever kept away from you. It is his or her right to be with you. They need you, but the reality is we (people) need them more. So I really hate to see a dog in the balcony or a dog left with the gate keeper. Then if that is the case, do not get a pup/dog home, it is INHUMANE!

I can only say Sparkle’s memorable memories are ‘Magic and Life’ and he is ‘Always on My Mind’.

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