Mishal Raheja’s Pet Affair


Actor Mishal Raheja, Indian television’s new face and new sensation, made his TV debut after his PG in business management in the US. Extraordinary acting skill of this young actor has won the heart of his fans. Here we discover his other side, which is his love for pooches. A pooch lover, Mishal Raheja is an extremely bubbly and happening person who enjoys life to the fullest.

Mishal Raheja received a big applause when he debuted in the MTV show Pyar Vyar and All That. After that, he has been acclaimed for his role Datta Bhao in Laagi Tujhse Lagan and a lover boy Akash in Love Story. He has also played other popular lead roles, such as Viplav in the series Ishq Ka Rang Safed and Dutta Shriram Patil in Laagi Tujhse Lagan. Apart from acting, Mishal Raheja has anchored Mano Ya Na Mano-2 on Star One and he was a contestant in Imagine TV’s reality show Big Money and part of the channel’s popular show Raaz Pichhle Janam Ka (Season 2).

Fantastic always & forever
When asked about his pet affair, Mishal shared, “I didn’t have any pet during my childhood. I got my first pet around seven years ago, a Golden Retriever named Amigo, who just passed away recently.” After that Mishal has two furry companions till date. There is a rule: once you are a pet lover…you will always be one forever! And you will have a special warm corner for your first pet at your heart. In this, Mishal says, “Amigo will always be my favourite, although my two current pooches, Brad and Angelina, are very special and close to my heart.”
Pet delights
Sharing some anecdotes on pet delights, he recalls an incident, “Once when I came back really late from a shooting; it was around one at night. The moment I rang the doorbell my domestic helps were fast asleep and did not respond to it. Believe it not, it was my dog sniffing right behind the door was the one who opened the door! He somehow managed to catch the door handle by his mouth, turned it, pulled it and opened! I will never forget this incident in my life.” Adding more to some special antics of his pooches, he mentions, “My pets get TV remote or my bag if it’s lying unnoticed somewhere in other room. I feel dogs are simply genius; they do almost everything on their own.”
An affair with Brangelina
Our four-legged angels give us love unconditionally and only thing they want from us is the bonding time. On managing his bonding time with his pets, Mishal says, “Try and spend maximum time daily with them. I take them for walk or run twice a day. We play hide and seek with them—that’s our favourite game. Sometimes I hide a small piece of chicken bone to let them hunt it. It’s a great moment for all of us.”
He tells, “No matter how angry or frustrated you are, their wagging tails will put your worries away. Every time I come home they welcome me with their wagging tails, looking into my eyes, which make me forget every problem.” Mishal feels his dogs are also equally happy to have him. “I guess my dogs equally love me and they like our communication. What it makes them really happy is when you understand what they want,” he says.
Parenting prowess
Mishal has a memorable experience to share about his vacation trip with his pooches. “I do take my pooches out for vacations. When the shooting of my show Laggi Tujhse Lagan was over I took them to Goa where I rented a bungalow there and stayed for almost a month.” Not only this, Mishal also takes care of his pets’ exercise and nutrition needs. In addition, he talks about favourite food and treats of his pooches. “My pets’ favourite dishes include anything and everything! Both Brad and Angelina love cheese; so once a week I treat them with cheese.”
Pet parenting message
Mishal has a ‘message’ for every pet parent—“Do not feed them sugar, salt, oil, tea. Be careful about what you feed them to avoid tummy trouble. Also when they defecate, being a responsible pet parent you must clean up the place, not just leave it right there. Maintain cleanliness wherever you go.”