Remembering Terry and his beloved antics

Terry with friends

As author Khushwant Singh says, a pet dog is your best friend and you can’t replace the best with another. I can relate to this feeling so well. When our companion of twelve years, Terry, the lovely Lhasa Apso, crossed the rainbow bridge in 2007 we could not think of another pet despite imploring by many friends and well-wishers.

Terry– An integral part of our family
Terry had come to our home when he was just fifteen days old; a little, cute, shy new family member. Slowly he got acquainted with his new or say lifelong home and family members. It was after a month that he used to come and sit near my feet whenever we were at the dining table. I used to give him small morsels and if there was a slight delay, his wet nose on my foot would be a gentle reminder. He earned our affection and returned it manifolds. We didn’t even know when he became integral part of our family, rather as a very important member of the household.
Terry–The powerful bark!
His soft fur, pink nose and lips, and alert nature made Terry super adorable. Although he was a small breed and was very affectionate with us, but to the outsiders he was a terror owing to his ferocious barking. His barking was so powerful that once a German Shepherd who was out for a walk was so taken in that he desperately clung to his pet parent. Terry was loud only while barking, but never ever did he bite anyone.
Terry used to sleep in his cozy bed just outside out bedroom. I remember the day when we were woken up by Terry’s barking early in the morning. Came rushing outside to see that we had forgotten to turnoff the washbasin tap. The trap under the washbasin somehow blocked, water was overflowing into the room. Thanks to Terry we got alarmed at the right time. And the little one was so intelligent that he had already his bed to a dry and safe corner in the room.
Terry–Take me along
Don’t we all love vacations? But seeing your pet’s sad face when you’re leaving for a vacation is not a good sight. Once I and my wife were leaving for Shimla; packing done, goodbyes said, an auto-rickshaw was waiting downstairs to take us to the railway station. As we were climbing down with our luggage, Terry sensed that we were leaving and he quickly went ahead of us and jumped into the auto-rickshaw. Waiting for us with a smiling face, he was so excited. Turning his face alternately towards me and my wife, with a desperate appeal in his eyes to take him along—it was so heart warming to see how these little ones find joy in such small things.
Terry–Sensitive to all
Terry had a fixed time for his morning walk and would get agitated and restless if there was any delay. My wife was hospitalised once. When she returned home she was advised strict bed rest. Terry forgot all about his food, water or other needs. He would all day long remain quietly under my wife’s bed. We had to persuade him to take food or water. For his walk we had to virtually pull him out. And, he would return hurriedly within a few minutes and take his place under my wife’s bed. He could sense that my wife was unwell and he did no mischief during those days.
Remember the time when we hired a new househelp, Sukanti. The first day she arrived, Terry walked up to her, sniffed her, and returned to his usual place in the room. We were pleasantly surprised at this gentle conduct to an outsider; that to a first time visitor. But that was the beginning of a deep bond with Sukanti, who stayed with us like a family member for about ten years.
We often remember Terry, sometimes exultantly remembering his antics and other times in tears reliving the affectionate bond we shared.

My sunshine came from their eyes—my Miffy (Pug) and Aurus (Dalmatian). They passed away peacefully leaving me cherished memories. Miffy left me on 14th February and Aurus on 27th July this year. I can never forget the unconditional love they gave me.
–Annu Gujral, Delhi