Capture Great Memories!


Cheers to all of us who love our pets and have a special place in our hearts for them. If you’re someone who considers pets family, it’s time to get that perfect family portrait with your pet in the picture. Make your life happier by getting your pets’ finest moments captured, be it them playing, eating or just snoozing.

In conversation with Aakanksha Tavag, photographer and proud founder of Pet Photographer, she says, “Animals are the best people and animal people are our favourite type of people.”

Memories with your pets
Founded in 2013, Pet Photographer has been a prosperous and fruitful journey. With Pet Photographer you get the opportunity to capture great memories with your pets. They do both indoor and outdoor shoots for dogs, cats, and other pets. Based out of New Delhi, they do shoots across the country. The rates are as per pets and they have different packages to offer.
“There are a few technical rights and wrongs in photography with regard to handling a camera and working on good compositions. In the end, however, it’s the photographer’s creativity, eye for detail and ability to focus on the subject to bring out the message that the photo is trying to convey,” says Aakanksha.
Love for animals grew stronger
She says that her love for animals dates back to her early childhood. Growing up in a home full of dogs, cats, ducks, turtles, fish, mice, squirrel, and chicks, Aakanksha wanted to become a vet. Sadly, she didn’t become a vet, but her love for animals grew stronger.
Fulltime mommy—Pepper & Pixel
Today Aakanksha has two pets – her dog Pepper, and her cat Pixel. Pepper is 17 years old and the face of the brand. The only regret she has, “I wish I had more pictures of Pepper as a puppy”. Don’t we all sometimes miss capturing some great moments with our pets? With a professional pet photographer you’re surely going to get some amazing clicks. Get them framed and live those memories for a lifetime.
Apart from being a fulltime mommy to Pepper and Pixel, Aakanksha loves to travel. She also runs her own user experience, illustration and design studio, but hopes to make pet photography her fulltime career. Aakanksha has studied Animal Behaviour and Dog Emotion & Cognition.