Pawportunity – because Every Paw Needs a Home!


Walk around Mumbai and you will find a bewildered soul; often times cold, starved or injured; around every corner. For no fault of theirs they are neglected because they have no voice of their own. Every day a few hundred find their way to their heavenly abode due to accident, lack of nutrition, neglect, illness or human intervention.

Zeenia Master

Humans have always used animals as a means to an end either for food, transport, or just plain amusement. Isn’t it time we show them a little respect?

Pawportunity is an initiative started by Zeenia Master, owner of Xenia Hospitality Solutions LLP and Yiamas: The Experimental Space. The main aim of Pawportunity is to pair willing parents with their ideal fur baby. Considering the larger picture, the programme also aims at making Mumbai a stray free city.
“Like we search for certain traits and characteristics in our soul mates, often we forget that we have a list for our furry mates as well. So we aim match making if you will,” says Zeenia.

  • Call us and register with your requirements.
  • Someone from our team will get in touch with you with a few options.
  • We come around to do a detailed background and environment check.
  • You come to the event and take your baby home!


  • Ensuring the family that is adopting is equipped mentally and physically so that the little ones don’t find themselves on the street again.
  • Educating the masses of what it means to adopt irrespective of age or breed.
  • How to interact with animals in general.
  • This will be an ongoing initiative round the year
  • One event every quarter with a finale every February.

Pilot event held in September
Pawportunity’s pilot event was held in September 2017 and was a huge hit. They had 52 registrations for adoptions, 3 adopted pups, 6 foster family registrations.

The event was aimed at creating awareness. A fun filled day where people could come and meet these cuties, adopt them, and give them a loving home.
Seeing the exuberant response to the event, the organiser plans to make Pawportunity a quarterly affair. They also plan to host Pawportunity 2.0 Children’s Edition on 19th November from 12noon to 3pm with Workshops, Games, Bark Box and more.