All geared up for Vetopia 2018


National Veterinary Foundation’s flagship event Vetopia is emerging as one of the biggest communes of the veterinary profession in India. As an all encompassing veterinary community, NVF’s aim is to act as an unbiased repository platform that points towards best practises in the profession in India.

Vetopia 2018 will be held at ‘The Kingdom of Dreams, Delhi’ (February 9-11, 2018) on the lines of the earlier years. The confirmations from some of the best practising industry leaders in the veterinary profession as well as the sheer enquiries on registration as well as on participation that started much earlier this year leave no doubt in mind on its upcoming success, far exceeding that of the previous edition.

A few key highlights
I. Internal Medicine and Small
Animal Emergency’s in Practise
Emergency criticalist Dr Luis Tello, is a well-known speaker on internal medicine and an expert on emergency care in small animal practise. He will speak how to make an average clinic ready for an emergency and on ways to deal with some of the emergency cases and how to deal with Critical cases including trauma, shock, sepsis among others. Dr. Tello has been the Chief of Staff at the Portland Hospital and also held several roles within the global veterinary community – WSAVA.
II. Focus on Factors Affecting
Dairy Production and the Correct Use of Antibiotics

This year, Vetopia 2018 has Dr Bhushan Jayarao, an expert on the subject of mastitis and a sincere antibiotic vigilante. These were two separate topics that we thought were of utmost importance
i) The factors that affect milk production – factors such as ‘Mastitis’ and ‘Bovine Respiratory Disease Complex – two subjects that we thought needed utmost attention and as an advisory member to the dairy commission in USA and a veteran in this space and also an alumni from the Bombay Veterinary College, He is chief extension officer and Professor at State College, Penn State, PA, USA. Dr Bhushan comes with deep understanding as well as research on the subject. He will deep dive into the subject giving us a 360-degree view on diagnosis, treatment as well as prevention of mastitis.
ii) Proliferation of excessive and uncontrolled use of antibiotics – an antibiotic vigilante himself, Dr Bhushan will speak and guide the ‘small veterinary’ community on the subject of ‘delicate administration’ of antibiotics, the correct selection of antibiotics, the factors that could go wrong, methodologies of reading Antibiotic sensitivity reports and what to do when multi drug resistant infections are found in pets.
III. BRD Complex and Small
Animal Vaccinology

Dr Suresh Kuchipudi, an alumni of the Hyderabad Veterinary college but now Diplomate ACVIM and Associate at Penn State College, PA, USA, will cover two important topics:
i) He will extensively cover another important factor affecting milk production – the problem of BRD Complex. His sessions would offer a ring side view of the steps to identify cause as well as cover the diagnosis, treatment and most importantly the prevention of the issue.
ii) A virologist himself, he will speak on the subject of ‘Vaccinology’ – on how vaccines work, what vaccine failure means and all the things that can go wrong, and a deep-dive into the emerging viruses in small animal practise.
IV. Vets as One

Team building and Collaborative working amongst industry peers are just a few of the key elements that will be covered by yet another industry leader, Dr Tarannum Kadarbhai. A freelance trainer in organisational and personal development, as well as a consultant in agriculture and animal management, Dr Tarannum has worked as Head Division of agriculture & programme coordinator at Krishi Vigyan Kendra (Knowledge & Resource Centre of Agricultural Technology) at Agricultural Development Trust Baramati. She has also managed and led various governmental and non-governmental projects and activities in agriculture and horticulture, while working with a staff team of over 40 professionals involved in agricultural production and Agricultural Extension. She was also responsible in developing strategies and managing the work of multiple professionals working at various capacities and catering to the technology needs of farmers.
It is the first time that we have attempted such a session in an industry forum like ours, that’ll even include a separate session on team building alone.
Vetopia 2018 will also see participation from two of our NVF Companion Animal Industry Forums and we are honoured by this participation – a long demand of our community and are confident this will open up several collaborative industry opportunities offering a further impetus to the growth of our profession.
This year’s calendar though only begins with this event, as we plan several more ‘vet-connects’ across the country that helps take NVF’s idea of making available; the best modern animal care to the masses and this, through breakout events running through a yearlong calendar. Each of these we are confident, would collectively offer you unmatched parallel platforms that could draw out brand and product conversations, and help continue a recurring conversational theme throughout the year.
NVF has planned its first community outreach programme in a village near Shimla, where the veterinary services and expertise of some of the best in the profession will be made available to farmers and for the benefit of the rural community. This will be the first such outreach programme post Vetopia 2018.
On all these three days NVF is going to hold Pet Health Show and the theme is Diabetes and Cardiac Disease in Pets.