Find out some dog-friendly destinations in Mumbai and around


There are three reasons why dogs are not allowed in many public places in Mumbai—Hygiene, Safety (in case of aggressive dogs), and Allergy.

Many restaurants in Mumbai don’t allow dogs inside, but my idea is they must at least provide an outdoor quarter for the pets. When it comes to allergy, people don’t get it from dogs unless they sit extremely close to the animals and it never occurs in fresh air outdoor surroundings.
Dog-friendly cafes
Unlike in America and Europe, we have a limited number of dog-friendly cafes in the country. Naming five of them in Mumbai may include: Gostana, Mutt Hutt, The Bagel Shop, Harley’s Corner, and Paw Puppy Paw.
Dog-friendly parks
When we consider the rules and regulations in some public parks, sometimes dogs are not allowed in such places for the safety of human strollers. But our dogs also need to go out for exercise everyday; they love walking in the parks and on busy roads like we do. In this, we finally found some dog-friendly parks in Mumbai, namely, Oval Maidan, Mahalaxmi Racecourse, Priyadarshini Park, ZOIC Pet Park and Dog Walk Path.
Dog-friendly staying places
Further, dogs are generally not allowed in most hotels, especially if you have a bigger breed. So, you are forced to leave your furry buddy behind. But there are some comfy dog-friendly staying places near Mumbai. Mention of some among them in Goa may include Mawi Infinity Villa, Lazy Cottage on The Riverbank, Fernandez Guest House, Riviera, 5AM Somewhere, Solimai and others. And some others located near Mumbai and Pune are Farmhouse (Karjat), Bungalow (Awas Beach), Konkani Styled Bamboo Cottages (Bhogwe), Villa (Alibaug), Beachside Luxury Huts (Vengurla Beach), among others.
Dog camps
Another idea to spend some quality time with your dog is to go to dog camps. This is one of the good ways for you to bond with your dog, and for your dog to socialise with other dogs. For those in Mumbai looking for such dog camp may check out Crazy K9 Campers, which organises weekend pet camps once in every 2-3 months at different locations around the city for dogs and their pet parents.
(Taira Deubet is student of DSB International School, Mumbai)