Pasha forever etched in our mind & heart


We lost Pasha a year ago but his memories from all the vacations we took together are forever etched in our minds and hearts!

I and my husband love travelling and whenever we used to take a road trip, Pasha our Labrador baby used to be our constant companion.

Pawfect travel companion
All three of us have traversed the dense forests of Binsar, picturesque hill stations of Kufri & Shimla, enchanting valleys of Naukuchiatal & Manali and the Jungle trails of Jim Corbett.
Pasha has been travelling with us before my son was born. And during times when Pasha wasn’t travelling with us, we used to miss him a lot. He loved swimming and never missed an opportunity to jump in a lake or pool for a quick splash.
Mischievous Pasha & his love for water
I remember on our trip to Naukuchiatal, we were staying at a Lake Resort near the Naukuchiatal Lake. We had planned for a boat ride at midnight with drinks and snacks. Pasha was also accompanying us. Suddenly he jumped into the lake for a swim. He was just two years old and we got so scared. As we continued our search with a lantern in the middle of the night, the thought that our piece of heart has drowned came to our mind. Before my husband could jump in the lake, we saw his nose in the water and Pasha calmly waddling in the water. Oh what a night of a mini-heart attack and the best reunion.
Another time he gave us a fright was when we were travelling to Manali. We had stopped at a tea shop for some piping hot tea and pakoras. After the pit stop we were just settling in when Pasha leaped near the dam and my husband helplessly trailing behind him.
I am not sure which was funnier–Pasha and his eternal love for water or the mindless craziness he left behind with his mischiefs.
–by Shikha Girgla