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In 2013, Naughty (a female English Crooker Spaniel) and King (a Golden Retriever) joined our family. Unfortunately King passed away in 2016 from a cardiac arrest. Naughty to me is my family. She is very caring, protective, understanding and full of joy. Due to my husband’s job, we have moved from Mumbai to a remote area where every now and then our house is visited by some unwanted guests, like lizard, mouse, snake, frog and many other insects. People from the city can’t deal with these uninvited guests, especially me. But Naughty to my dismay is even caring to them. Whenever she gets to know someone like mouse, frog or lizard is around she always rescues them and takes them to the front door or balcony.

Once I found Naughty’s mouth bulged and she was running towards the door. To my surprise I found a frog in her mouth, which she had rescued. Then she released it in the garden. I was speechless. My Naughty is an Angel of God. Apart from her family, she loves and respects all living beings.
–Abhilasha Amar Mane, Thane, Maharashtra

Kajal is my one-and-a-half year old Chihuahua. I recently did a maternity photo shoot for her to preserve some beautiful memories of her pregnancy. The photo session was done in the backyard of my house, using ‘pink’ as the theme suitably selected for my little angel. She was dressed up as a little pink doll/fairy. The shoot was done around five days before her delivery. Finally she delivered six beautiful puppies and today I am a proud pet parent of seven dogs.

–Nikita Mahajani, Pune

We are a middle class family living in the small town of Prabhani in Maharashtra. My mother Sunanda Digholkar is a dance teacher and my father a school teacher. My mother has been adopting stray dogs since her childhood and over the last seven years she has adopted six street dogs. She is very sensitive about street animals and she unconditionally loves dogs. In 2011, she adopted our first dog Taffi and after that Danny, Taru, Baru, Sheru and Gabbu. We are a big family now. Even though we are not economically sound family, we give our best to make their life beautiful. Mother says a home is incomplete without a dog.

–Kumar Kulkarni, Parbhani, Maharashtra