Ask Buddy


Ask and you shall get ANSWERS –

Q: Buddy, I lost my dog… I really miss him, how do I cope with the loss?
–Niharika, Bangalore

Buddy: Awww! My heart goes to you. A big hug from me! I know no one can replace your dog…. but we have to face reality. Adopt a nice pup and find love again.

Q: Buddy, the world has seven billion people but it’s loneliness I face, and I feel depressed because of it. What should I do?
–Ritu Sood, Delhi

Buddy: Hugs to you! Yes I agree with you my friend! The world is going crazy for the human species and you guys are destroying our kingdom too. Go, get up and do something about it. Get connected with nature, make friends, move out of normal routine – do something new!
Q: Buddy, I love to play Minecraft … but my mother only allows it for 40 minutes. What do I do?
–Ayaan Krishan Kandwal, New Delhi
Buddy: Yo! Lucky guy! You are getting 40 minutes to play. My fellow dogs play in the real world. We go and play in the mud, we run and chase, roll on the grass, go to the woods. Have you ever tried all of this? Go and try and you will forget Minecraft!

Q: Hi Buddy, I’m very short tempered and I feel very restless and depressed. My astrologer says the Moon is in line of sight with Saturn and has asked me to wear a pearl ring in my little finger. What should I do?
–Suman Roy, Kolkata

Buddy: Aha! Hugs to you. You need love. Drink lots of water my friend. Instead of aligning your stars align your work schedule and home front. Take a break from work for a few days and meditate. Spend some time under the Moon, gaze it, romanticise it and connect with it.

Q. Buddy, I need help. My teenage son is failing very badly in studies, he sleeps most of the times, disinterested in everything around. He used to be very good in studies and active in sports and now all of sudden there is a drastic change in him. How do I address this problem?
–Murari Saran, Patna

Buddy: Woof-woof! I am sorry to hear the state of your son. I can understand how hard it is for a parent. Take action now, take him to a doctor and get his blood tests done. If there is no medical problem, then check for drugs. These days it’s very common with the teenagers. Don’t fret and stay calm. Licks and hugs to you.

Q. Hi Buddy, my girlfriend keeps talking about her dog all the time and I find it very annoying. What should I do?
–Nikhil Bhatt, Mumbai

Buddy: I love your girlfriend. Her heart is in the right place. Instead of getting annoyed with your girlfriend talking about her dog, listen to what she is saying. This is the problem of you human beings! You guys just don’t want to listen and keep passing judgements.
(Buddy is furry buddy of Manjeet Hirani)