Two-Gether You & Me


Two-gether you and me, being two-gether is always beautiful! Life and love… me and my canine member… beautiful when two-gether. It is official, 2018 is the Year of the Dog. In Chinese astrology, each year is related to a zodiac sign—dog is one of them, occupying the eleventh position. So, the Year of the Dog comes after a cycle of 12 years. It occurred last time in 2006 and next will be in 2030. So as we step into the Year of the Dog this year, the soul of our magazine is always to celebrate our bond with our canine members, which is eternal, timeless and true. We hope you take every moment to strengthen the bond you share with your canine member.
Alarmed with the increase of wildlife deaths in their campus, a group of students at IIT Madras, who call themselves ‘Friends of Animals’, have implemented animal birth control (ABC) and sterilisation among stray dogs on their own cost. Till date, 80 dogs in the campus have been sterilised, and the plan is to achieve 100 percent sterilisation target soon. On the other side, in Bengaluru city, regularising the provision of travelling with our furry friends on buses, Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) has come up with a circular, directing conductors to consider dogs as adult passengers and collect charges accordingly. Puppies, cats, birds and rabbits will however be charged equal to children’s fares.
It’s a known fact that dogs help children. It holds true with older adults too. Researchers from the University College London say a few minutes of light exercise daily, such as taking dog for a walk, make elderly people live longer. The study was conducted based on a sample of 1,000 men of average age 78. The results suggest all activities of elderly people, however modest, like walk with furry buddies, are beneficial, as most of their daily physical activity is of light intensity. In the similar tone, researchers at the universities of Liverpool, Manchester and Southampton suggest that pets help people with mental health conditions. Our furry friends can provide them therapeutic treatment.
‘Abandonment’ has always been a big concern. Often we find that many pet parents, who swore to care unconditionally for their furry companions formerly, eventually end up abandoning them in their old age. This inhuman act of abandonment makes our furry companions lose their faith and trust in their pet parents. However, there are unspoken heroes who choose to adopt aged abandoned dogs, welcoming them as new family members to their homes. Training a senior dog is quite challenging, but it’s not an   impossible task.
It’s quite usual for senior dogs to have some common physical conditions, such as arthritis or canine cognitive dysfunction that cause them pain, anxiety and disorientation. In addition to treatment, you provide them a cosy corner at home and plan routines to make them comfortable. It’s our duty to take care of our elderly furry friends by engaging with them mentally. In this respect, read the articles: Abandonment – A Crime, Pledge No & Never and Abandonment: Alone & Ailing is Crime & Cruelty on page 18 and page 24 in this issue.
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