Is your pet turning into a BEGGAR ?


Dr Prachi Kshatriya
Does your pet keep begging for food all day long? Thinking why he’s asking for food all the time? Are you not providing your pet with proper diet? If you are unable to find answers to these queries, we got you sorted. Let’s discuss 5 Ways to handle ‘always starving’ pets.
Stop listening to calls The more you pay attention to their calls (read tantrums) the more they will howl. Ignore this ehaviour; else you will end up overfeeding and predisposing your pet to obesity. Obesity is the root cause for hormonal disturbances and other medical complications like heart problems, arthritis, hypertension, diabetes, etc. So stick to the feeding schedule as provided by the vet for his health and well being.
Switch to fibre rich diet Adding fibrous food to your pet’s diet like vegetables (carrots, green beans, broccoli, etc) and fruits will make him feel contended without adding extra calories. Also, vegetables boiled or raw and even fruits can be fed in between meals as snacks. Let him chomp on a carrot, bite and play around with an apple, and enjoy chewing cucumbers after a play session. Extra fibre in your pet’s diet will prevent constipation, diarrhoea, flatulence, etc.
Divide the meals
Try to feed your pet at frequent intervals rather than feeding twice a day. But keep in mind, don’t increase the overall quantity of food. Just divide the total amount into may be 3 or 4 portions. This will make him feel full whole day and keep guilty food begging at bay.
Distractions can help Pet parents offer treats as rewards to their dogs or even casually. Stop giving snacks or treats on every occasion. Instead as a replacement you can take your pet for a short ride or a walk or you can play with him. This way you are making your bond stronger with your furry companion by spending quality time with him and also reducing his cravings.
Visit a vet If your pet has suddenly developed an increased appetite over a matter of few days then see a vet. It could be due to a medical issue like diabetes, hypothyroidism, worms, etc. For diagnosis your vet will run some blood tests to arrive at a conclusion and prescribe medications accordingly. Follow a strict feeding pattern and stick to meal timings as much as possible. Don’t fall prey to their puppy eyes and innocence. It is for their good. Overfeeding in love right now will lead to various health concerns in old age. So pledge to be firm and not to overfeed your pet.(Dr Prachi Kshatriya is MVSc Surgery & Radiology at Petcetera Clinic, Pune)