Protect your pets from Hot Climate


Dr Ritesh Sood
Summer days are bright sunny with hot weather with a rise in temperature. Our beloved pets also get affected during this hot weather and we observe some changes in them such as loss of appetite, impulsiveness, anorexia, etc.By adopting few simple tips for pets, we can keep them away from all worries
Heat Stroke: Do not leave your pets outside in the sun for long time, as it can lead to heat stroke. Flat-faced pets such as pugs and Persian cats are more prone to such tendencies.
Dehydration: Provide lots of fresh and cool water to your pets to prevent dehydration. Encourage your dog to take in more fluids and help keep it cool
Sunburn: Few pets with white, light-colored, and thinly coated hairs have high risk of sunburn. To prevent sunburn in pets, avoid outing in the sun, or have access to shade when outside; cover your dog’s ears and nose, the skin around the mouth, and the back.
Burnt Foot Pads : Exposure to hot and sunny weather for longer time should be avoided; it can burn your pet’s paws, as they are soft and sensitive. Walks should be taken during the cooler hours of the day.
Ticks and Flea Safe: Keep your dog free from external parasites during summer. Bath and towel dry your pet with natural tick and flea control shampoos and powders to maintain skin health and hygiene. If necessary, consult your veterinarian about the best product for your pet.
Skin Hygiene: Pets need regular grooming in summer to maintain skin hygiene. Also, consider trimming pets with long hair
coats to keep them cool in summer.
Food Habits: Due to rise in temperature, pets feel agitated during summers; as they tend to weight loss due to loss of ppetite. Provide sufficient nutrient-rich foods to them to avoid sickness.
(Dr Ritesh Sood is Marketing Manager – Animal Health Division, The Himalaya Drug Company, Bengaluru)