Paw’tastic vacation at Birdcage in Mukteshwar


Scenic car rides through the mighty mountains, windows rolled down, crisp fragrant breeze! Looks like a perfect holiday? Nah! If you’re a pet parent you know what’s missing to make this an ideal setting.
How about going for a vacation to the beautiful mountains with your beloved pet? Now that’s what we call exciting. Nestled amidst the fruit orchids and coniferous forests, Mukteshwar is a serene and dainty hill station. Away from the hustle bustle of cities, it makes a great getaway right in the lap of nature. Hotel Birdcage is an amazing pet friendly property that gives you an opportunity to have a great vacation without leaving your pet back home. Enjoy the rustic village walks, relax and unwind, soak up the mountain sun, or just head out for new explorations with your best furry guide, there is so much to do yet you’ll be at peace.
Activities to enjoy with your pet

  • Do short hikes exploring the nearby villages and forests
  • Go bird watching
  •  Enjoy hikes to small waterfalls and streams nearby
  • Gaze at starry skies at nights while enjoying a bon-fire at Hotel Birdcage
  •  Visit the beautiful lakes of Nainital, Naukuchital, Bhimtal, and Sattal
  • Relax and witness surreal sunrises and sunsets while cuddling your pet

Perfect Vacation for your pet

  • They welcome dogs of all breeds; only requirement is that your pet should be trained, well socialised, and friendly.
  •  Special outdoor Dog Wash Area, just in case your pet wants a shower post hiking.
  •  Fresh food is made for your pets. But it would be best if guests inform the staff about their pet’s eating requirements in advance.
  •  Both dog food and home cooked food is available.
  •  Pets are welcome to accompany guests all around the property,including the restaurant.
  •  Guests should bring pet’s bed/ mattress as they do not encourage pets sleeping on guest beds. Dr Jenice Bhatia from Noida, along with her pet Raunak (Beagle) had a heartwarming stay at Hotel Birdcage. “This was Raunak’s first experience in a hotel. Away from the constraints of space and heat of city, he had a blast in the lawns of the property. A special mention to the wonderful and helpful staff. They customized his food and allowed him to roam freely all through the pristine property. Exploring and sniffing around Raunak indeed enjoyed this getaway”, said Dr. Bhatia. So, the next time you want to escape to the mountains, do consider this heavenly place. The perfect place to relax and recharge! Picture perfect setting, warm and amicable hospitality, and the best part – your pet along with you! Make the most of the time at Hotel Birdcage…