Teach your dog skills to live life to the fullest


One of the best ways to build a healthier relationship with our canine is to use the principles of positive training that allow us to foster a relationship based on mutual trust and respect.
It helps to teach them life-skills as every dog needs to learn how to live successfully in a human environment since living in a human world comes with certain unique pressures. Teaching them the skills and providing them with enough mental and physical enrichment will prevent them from developing negative behaviours at home and outside. The more time we personally invest in them, the more we can avoid negative behaviours at home that comes from lack of understanding and earn respect from them
Deeper bond
Elsa, my young Labrador retriever came to me when she was just one month old. I started reading a lot of books and viewing videos of how to teach tricks. It all started with training tricks whereby I gradually understood that it also promotes obedience training as it helps to create a deeper bond. Whenever I called her with a handful of treats she would excite and anticipate that today we are going to learn something new. It’s the same feeling I use to get when a teacher who is amazing in his methods would gear up to deliver a speech on an interesting topic. Over a period of eight months I was able to nurture her and teach her life skills and today even if I am not at home, my foundation which I laid down for her never gets shaken.
Learn together
Training by ourselves gives a chance to us and our dogs to learn new skills together which sow the seeds of stronger bond. Even if we hire a trainer which is definitely recommendable, yet we always should follow up with whatever we are learning. We will commit mistakes in the process but we should not worry, mistakes are part of learning process, mistake teaches us a lot if we are ready to learn. Life is nothing but experiences, so we can begin with baby steps and start it with the most loyal beings on this planet, our dogs.