Oxygen for Life : Cell-Pet®


Just Like Oxygen Is Important For Life, So is Cell-pet® Important For Our Pets..For Longevity And Health. Let’s See How
Fungal – infection
The treatment started on 15th July 2016. This dog has been suffering from severe fungal infection for many months without any improvement or healing taking place. The above Picture was taken on 21st July 2016. Lots of healing has already taken place since the Cell-Pet® treatment started only 6 days ago. The owner only gave him 6-7 drops of Cell-Pet® twice a day by mixing in 20 ml water and also making sure that the dog drank all the water containing the Cell-Pet® prior to being given more water to drink. It is important that animals and humans alike, drink the best quality water availbale
Pet’s owner is so happy with Cell Pet®. Amazing improvement in less than 2 months as we can seen on 5th September 2016.
Skin – infection
His treatment with Cell-Pet® started on 1st June 2016. Cell- Pet® applied by mixing it with any aqueous cream and given to drink by mixing with water daily
On 5th June 2016 Pic remarkable improvement seen as it oxygenated inside & outside. Pet owner was very happy.
Chronic Hand – Portion Paralyse
There was a 13 years old, Daschund female named Tulsi from Delhi. It suffered paralyses on her backside legs. The dog could also not see from her eyes. On 1st June 2016. A vet from Ashok Vihar, Delhi, recommended Cell-Pet® (Immune Booster). In next 15 days, we started observing improvement in the legs with Cell-Pet®. It took 3 months for overall improvement which controlled the sugar plus the paralysis.”