Remembering the love of our life – ROMEO


Monita Manchanda
Happiness comes in many forms –ours came in the form of our little furball whom we named Romeo. It was August 28, 2009 when a new member was added to the Manchanda family – this member who on his arrival itself became the hub of all activities in the house, with everyone readily catering to his whims and fancies.
Shopping trips, outings, dinners – all timings now began to be adjusted as per the meal and walk timings of the ‘baby of the house’. Returning to the wagging ‘antenna’ was a pleasure that could only be felt; no words can describe it aptly. Time began to fly and the little sweetheart who used to fit in a basket, began to learn new things every day. Be it climbing the low bed or the sofa and finally pa’s bed.Come summers and he would jump on the bed and innocently sprawl before the AC leaving maa and papa to find place for themselves and adjust on the bed. And winters his warmth keeping us cosy. Papa taking Romeo for a drive or sitting on the bed feeding him watermelon, apple, mango, papaya, cucumber were the happiest times for Romeo. House parties with didi’s friends – Romeo being the center of attraction, enjoying attention from everyone, playing with them for some time and then quietly sitting in a corner observing everything endeared him to everyone. Next day he would sleep the whole day as if all the work for the party had been done by him and leaving him exhausted.
Romeo with didi
His best friend ‘Tilli’ (a stray in our building whom we feed everyday) is also missing him so much that it is clearly showing. He has become so dull and lifeless, many times sitting outside our door as if waiting for his friend to come out. Romeo with his love and affection had won the hearts of the staff even at his vet’s clinic. They all loved him so much. He was a hot favourite with the children in the colony many of them vying with one another to pat him. For eight and a half years Romeo brought endless joy in our lives. Life with Romeo was not an adventure trip rather it was pure joy, peace unconditional love – all that makes the soul smile. Crossing the rainbow bridge, he went into eternal sleep on the night of March 09, 2018. Nothing can be more difficult than leaving our beloved baby alone in the mortuary that night, even worse than his burial the next morning.
He continues to live in our hearts, his presence felt in every nook and corner of the house – which is not the same without him. Love you Romu, Chikoo, Munchkin…