Truly,Madly, Deeply–Evelyn & Buchki


Evelyn and Buchki
Evelyn Sharma, Indian-German model and actress who made her Hollywood debut in the film Turn Left (2006) and came into limelight in India with the film Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani (2013) opposite Ranbir Kapoor, is truly, madly and deeply in love with Buchki, her three-year-old Lhasa Apso.
In the filmdom, Evelyn has received a lot of admirations for her commendable performance in a handful of Bollywood films, such as Nautanki Saala, Issaq and others. In 2014, her role of Janet D’Souza in Yaariyan was widely acclaimed. She was spotted doing a cameo in Imtiaz Ali’s rom-com Jab Harry Met Sejal. Evelyn will be seen playing lead in Jack and Dil, opposite Amit Sadh of Kai Po Che fame, which is set to be released later this year. When asked about her first pet in her childhood, Evelyn says she had a gold hamster when she was a little kid.”The hamster was the cutest little thing and I used to care for her all afternoon after school, build little castles and tunnels for her and feed her strawberries, which were her absolute favourite. When she passed away I was terribly heartbroken. I simply didn’t understand that the life span of a hamster was naturally only 2-3 years,” she recalls. After the gold hamster died, Evelyn’s neighbours gifted her a blue parakeet who was lovely and cheered her back up, until one day the bird just flew out of the window. “I guess you can’t cage a bird!” she says.
A dog person
Who has been special favourite for Evelyn among all her pets? “I have always been a dog person! Now I have a cat named Luii and my dog Buchki, but yes I have to admit I favour my dog a little. I just feel my cat is way too smart and independent, while my dog needs a lot more love and attention. But they both bring me so much happiness and I love to spoil them!”
Her love life
To have a sneak peek into her love life, Evelyn is head over heels with Buchki. She’s is completely in love with this Lhasa Apso. Evelyn’s love and affection for her adorable furry boy is known to all who know her personally. From constant updates on social media to majoring supporting animal welfare, this Indo-German beauty is all for her four-legged companion.
“Buchki has the most lovely and soft character. He is like a little snowflake, so beautifully unique but also very easily broken when you don’t take good care of him. There is a saying that the dog reflects the pet parent’s character, and I must say sometimes we are quite similar that way,” says Evelyn. On what Buchki loves most about her, she tells, “I think he loves that I let him be a rowdy snuggler and spoil him with way too many treats!”
Always together
Buchki is often spotted with her at various events. The perky pooch is the apple of her eye. She has even called Buchki her ‘best friend’ in one of the recent interviews. Since the day Buchki came to her, Evelyn considers him as an inseparable part of her life. Like any other pet parent, Evelyn too loves being greeted by her pet after a long working day.
“I’ve experienced more empathy, more kindness and more compassion from my four-legged buddy than I have from most two-legged buddies,” she says, adding, “Buchki’s zeal for life is contagious.” Evelyn loves being at home, because she is always together with Buchki when at home. “I work mostly out of my home office for my charity foundation Seams for Dreams and the only times I have to travel for longer is my shoots for films or when I have to attend an event.”
A special incident
Evelyn still remembers a special incident with Buchki when she took him to the park for the first time. “He is used to my comfortable apartment and the rough road outside. So when he stepped into wet grass for the first time it was like a comic scene from a movie! Trying to dance on two, max three paws, he sniffed the lawn and started running! Every dog needs his day in the sun!” And mentioning the special antics of Buchki she would always cherish, Evelyn says, “My dog is just super clingy and never leaves my side. I love that about him! It does make it hard to travel and see his little face being sad when I leave, but luckily he has the cat to play and cuddle, and lots of people in the house who take good care of him.”
On vacation
Evelyn takes Buchki when she goes on vacations by car as she feels uncomfortable to check him into an airplane. “I would only take him if he was allowed to sit with me. There are many resorts and farm houses near Mumbai where we spend weekends together and that makes the perfect holiday!”
Exercise and nutrition needs
Exercise and nutritional needs of her pets are taken care of by Evelyn herself. “My cat Luii likes to sleep a lot so for her when she wakes up chasing Buchki around the house is her own workout! For Buchki, besides chasing Luii, he walks three times a day round the neighborhood and is obsessed with playing fetch around the house.” Luii is sweetest to Evelyn when she takes out a packet of wet food. But Buchki just wants anything that’s from her hand, without caring much what it is! He’s not a big eater, he just wants whatever Evelyn gives him. Mentioning a special treat for him, Evelyn says he has quite the big teeth, so bones to crush and chew on are his favourite treat and time pass!
Advice to pet parents
Evelyn and Buchki
Sharing an advice on responsible pet parenting, grooming and feeding to pet parents, Evelyn says, “Grooming is a very special time between you and your pet. It is a time of bonding and establishing family. I take both my cat and dog into the shower every other month and they hate it! Luii simply doesn’t like water and Buchki hates sitting still. Luii is a good groomer herself and enjoys the occasional brush strokes, while Buchki loves brushing, nail clipping, hair cutting I think simply because he likes to spend time with me and loves when I give him all my attention and care.”
Favourite activity
together: Cuddling
Annoying habits: Luii likes to play at night.
Qualities you love: The soft- hearted character of my Bushki.
Funny/crazy antics: Luii likes to throw around my hair bands for hours, it’s quite entertaining to watch!