Buddy a family member, not merely a friend


The universal phrase ‘Man’s Best Friend’ signifying dog’s loyalty and companionship with humans is not enough to describe the relationship between Buddy and his pet parent RR Aiyar, Executive Sr Vice President, Amity University Press. Buddy is a seven-year-old German Shepherd whom Aiyar calls him his family member and treats him like son. Here’s the story of this furry member of the Aiyar family.by Jyaneswar Laishram
It all started when RR Aiyar’s son, Aditya, like many children do, asked him to bring home a pet dog in 2012. His son’s idea instantly clicked in his head, because it was his interest too. For Aiyar, who is a committee member of Bangalore Canine Club, his choice of breed was German Shepherd. “German Shepherds are unique in many ways,” he says, adding, “One way is that they are simply tiny bundles of wool while young pups. Seeing them grow from little bundles into well-built canines is indeed a fun. This is how my Buddy grew.”
Straight from Germany
Buddy was brought directly from Germany by a veterinarian-friend of Aiyar who lives in the neighbourhood of his Noida home. “Buddy arrived in May, a horribly hot month in Noida. The heat was unbearable for him,” remembers Aiyar. He says it was the heat that brought severe skin infection to Buddy. It took some time for Buddy to get rid of the infection and to adapt to the climate, surroundings and people in the colony.
Sharp memory
Buddy became familiar among the neighbours in Aiyar’s colony—some friendly, some not so. “There was an incident. Once a boy in our colony kicked Buddy when he was pup; he retaliated, but it was not over. The incident still lingers fresh in Buddy’s mind. Even till date whenever he sees the boy, her still remembers the incident,” tells Aiyar. In general, Buddy is playful and fun-loving dog to every other neighbour around.
A family member
Buddy and Aditya
“Buddy to me is not just a companion dog; he is my son, my stress-buster. I always look forward to going home as early as possible for I can play with Buddy longer,” says Aiyar, adding, “The feeling and happiness of being togetherness is what I learn a lot from
Buddy as my days with him are always
playful and blissful.” Buddy is a ‘family member’ to Aiyar. The furry fellow is closely involved in all the family activities. “We don’t go on long holidays without him. Once we left him home; in our absence he refused to eat and remained sad till we returned,” narrates Aiyar.
Good manner
Buddy has a trainer at home. He started training since he was barely three months old. “The training is not meant for him to enter any dog show or agility competition,” says Aiyar, adding, “His training is more or less to keep him motivated in his day-to-day activities like walking, running, soiling, socialisation, eating, etc.”
Every morning, when Aiyar is busy working in the garden and his wife in the kitchen, there is no one but Buddy near their breakfast table filled with food, which he neither tries to sniff nor lick any. Moreover, Buddy knows who-is-who in Aiyar’s circle of relatives. “My relatives live in Bangalore. Whenever they visit us, Buddy greets them and quietly curls up near their feet. He behaves in this way with everyone close to us,” says Aiyar. Buddy however is an attention seeker. Whenever people sit and talk in Aiyar’s living room, giving little or no attention to him, he would bark as if complaining why is he not a topic of discussion.
Hello doctor
Whenever landline phone at Aiyar’s home rings Buddy listens. His ears spring up when Aiyar picks up the receiver and says ‘Hello doctor’. His gesture is not with the fear of the vet but an excitement to know Aiyar and the vet are going to talk about him. Buddy likes his vet; on his vet visit he would jump on the clinic bed as though saying ‘Come-on doctor, do whatever you want to do on me.’
Energetic Buddy
Buddy is naughty too. One fine evening his wife took Buddy for a leash-walk. Buddy all of a sudden exited and tugged her energetically, which in turn caused Aiyar’s wife to fall. When she stood up and looked around Buddy was nowhere to be seen. Panic and worried, she screamed ‘Buddy!’ Buddy whooshed back to her, wagging.
Painful parting
“Pets depart so quickly. It’s very painful when the time of parting comes,” comments Aiyar. Before Buddy, Aiyar had another German Shepherd, a female, named Tina when he was in Bangalore. Tina was very dear to my sister’s family. When she died it was a big loss!
Be a pet parent
As a best message, Aiyar says we must have a pet at home. “Parenting a pet is one of the best ways to enjoy life,” he conveys, adding, “Today the world is moving on the fast lane where technologies are changing everything every moment, and there is stress and anxiety. Pets are our stress-buster; they bring us true affection and attachment.”
There is a general notion that one must have enough space at home to have a pet dog. On this, Aiyar argues, “Having no big space should not be the only reason why you don’t have a pet at home. Whatever space available with you is adjustable for your dog.” He conclusively appeals that if people really think they have no space at all for a pet at their home, they can go for pet parenting strays who can also bring the same love like any other.