Veterinarian Views Vision 2020


The current pet industry of India is vibrant and burgeoning, as compared to what it was a decade or so ago. Veterinarians from different parts of the country comment on the development and share their vision of the industry by 2020.
As the population of pet dogs in the Indian households increases, a lot of new developments are taking place in our pet industry. Look at the market today, every other leading pet care and pet food company from all over the world has arrived in our market. I hope our industry will have around 33 percent growth by 2020.
–Dr CB Singh, Chandigarh
General pet health care in India has tremendously developed over the past few years. In this, we can give the credit to the gradual increase of well experienced veterinarians in the country. In addition, choices and availability of food items and other pet products have also been immensely increased over the last one decade. If we move at this pace, we can set 2020 as a goal to make the industry more mature than ever. –Dr Umesh Karkare, Mumbai
I would like to say pet grooming is one of the vibrant areas increasingly improved today in India. Unlike older days, pet parents these days are aware of the need of grooming and its benefits for their pets. Apart from it, we see new pet spas, multispecialty hospitals, boarding and training centers being dotted all over the places across the country, and all these will sure be projected to a new height by 2020. –Dr Aparajita Chakraborty Roy, Kolkata
Our pet industry we see today is more organised than what it was around a decade ago. Veterinary education and practices in the country have improved a lot. Vet organisations and associations at both regional and national levels play a vital role in it. Small Animal Practitioners Association (SAPA) is one such entity in our region educating vets and motivating pet parents. The industry by 2020 is expected to be on a sharp growth curve. –Dr Sankar Prasad Lakkar, Assam
Nuclear families become a social norm in big cities and metros in the country. Working couples with no kids in such families consider dogs their children who make little or no tantrum. This is how our current pet industry is grown. In terms of the industry’s growth by 2020, I would say there will be substantial evelopment in R&D, which could be in diverse parameters—pet health, food, medicines and many others. –Dr RP Singh, Delhi
Medical facilities in the current pet industry of India have improved a lot. Just a few years ago, there were just a few vet hospitals in the country which were equipped with modern equipments. Today, a host of multispecialty veterinary hospitals with advanced facilities are available all over the places. If we move on in this progression, our pets will have veterinary hospitals with world-class facilities by 2020. –Dr SZ Sharma, Mumbai
Despite all new developmental trends there are certain ill practices such as breeding of dogs in deplorable conditions without proper diets and medical care still taking place in the country. We have weak or no law to take up stringent action or punishment against it. It is spreading day after day in many undisclosed locations. My vision of 2020 is to eliminate such practice in the country to bring a better world of our dogs. –Dr Sashanka Sekhar Dutta, Assam
Everything in our pet industry has been developed. Unlike in the past, our pets nowadays are privileged with nutritious food and treats, and medical facilities. Well, when we talk about some areas which we need to improve, health issues among strays in the country still remain unsolved for years. Stray menace is still a big issue as proper sterilization drives couldn’t be made in mass scale. It would be grateful if we can eradicate such health issue by 2020. –Dr Vikram N Dave, Mumbai
Our multispecialty hospital Pets Planet was established a decade ago. Over this span of one decade I have seen milestones of developments in terms of pet diagnostics using ultra modern infrastructure, maintaining highest standards in providing state-of-the-art veterinary services all over the country. In the next two years’ time, which means by 2020, I would like to say our pet industry may possibly gain 30 percent overall growth. –Dr Vimal Kumar, Patna
My 18 years of stay in New Delhi as a vet surgeon has shown me where the country’s pet industry is heading to. In addition to food and grooming, there has been immense growth and development on the pet health care front. Modern healthcare infrastructures, maintaining highest standards in providing state-of-the-art veterinary services in the industry go with other allied advanced services like pet shops, vet pharmacies, etc which I think will move to a next level by 2020 for sure. –Dr Sanjib Kakoty, New Delhi