For You—FOURTEEN & FOREVER (Lessons & Promises)


Kritika Manchanda
Our pets are nothing less than a family. They’re with us to share happy times, lend a shoulder to cry on, and are always there to cheer us! Amidst all their fun antics, sometimes we tend to forget that our pets are one of the best life teachers. Without saying a word, they teach us life lessons and in return expect nothing but abundance of love.
Dedicating this article to our beloved canine companions, who are and shall always be a part of the heart!
7 lessons I learnt from my pet

  • Live in the present
    Trust your pet to teach you how to live in the present. Whether it is enjoying their playtime or a power nap, they believe in the power of NOW. We should learn the art of Zen from these humble beings and embrace the love for present. Today’s little moments become tomorrow’s precious memories!
  • Forgive and move on
    We humans keep that box of grudges so close to our heart. But our pets teach us how easy it is to forgive and move on. They have a heart of gold and teach us that if we really want to love we must learn how to forgive!
  • Unconditional love
    Unconditional love is one thing that our pets have a master’s degree in. Making new friends and showering love is what our pets teach us. Also they know to identify a person and that’s something we all need to learn.
  • Family is your biggest strength
    Family – where life begins and love never ends. In moments of sorrow and despair, visiting vet’s clinic for injection or when mom is scolding, family is what pets rely on. The strength of family ties can never be weakened, and we should be happy for the blessing called FAMILY.
  • Value of time
    Whether it is morning walk, meal, or playtime, most pets have a timetable and stick to it. In our bust lives, if we imbibe this lesson it’ll surely help a lot in time management which is much needed. And then you’ll have the luxury to enjoy every phase, every moment.
  • Empathy
    Your pet can read your mind and feeling better than any psychologist can. Making you feel comfortable in pain, helping you sail through gloom, or adding a lot more life to the joys of life, pets have the magical abilities to understand you!
  • Enjoy simple joys of life
    Nothing matches to the simple joy of life. Bear hugs, a lazy day at home, long drives, new toy….our pets get happiness from the smallest of things! We all definitely need to learn the art of Zen from these humble beings.

7 promises I made to my pet

  • I promise to take care of you each moment, each and every day
    Getting home a pet is a full time responsibility. Your pet depends on you for food, grooming, and overall wellbeing. Taking care of their nutritional needs, health, and training are the basics of responsible pet parenting!
  • I promise to spend time with you
    Don’t bring home a pet if you cannot spend time with him. After a day’s work there’s nothing like warm cuddles with your furry one! Spend time talking, playing, or just being with your pet.
  • I promise to take care of your exercise and fitness
    Just like humans, dogs need to exercise to keep them fit and active. Depending upon your pet’s age, overall health and breed, indulge them in any form of exercise. Also remember that body and mind, both need stimulation!
  • And when you grow old I promise to take care of you more
    Growing old is inevitable, but when your pet has your support and love it becomes somewhat smooth sailing. Old age might bring some health problems, so be more cautious of their nutrition, vet check-ups, and exercise routine.
  • I promise we are a family and I shall always protect you
    Pets are like flowers, they bloom in a safe and loving environment. Provide them warmth and comfort, a safe haven where your pet feels peaceful. I promise to protect and nurture you.
  • I promise to be patient with you
    As much as you love your pet, losing patience and scolding them once in a while is important. But as pet parents, you need to have the patience of a saint. There are times when your pet might not listen to you, instead of shouting at him to make matters worse, try to explain him gently.
  • I promise you’ll be a part of every change in my life and I’ll not abandon you
    It breaks my heart to see stories of people abandoning their pets. If you’re moving to a new city or shifting houses, do you leave your family back? Then how can you even think of leaving your pet behind.
    Promise your pet that he’ll be a part of your life – ups and downs, happiness and sorrows! And when you have a wet nose and wagging tail waiting for you, life seems happier.