Passion for Paws


Do you love talking to pets or dogs? Do people around you find this habit strange? It’s official and proven via research at Harvard University that people who talk to their pets have high intelligence. I am grinning, have always spoken to all my dogs, the stray buddies, birds and the squirrels on my balcony and often get hilarious sceptical looks from people around me. So time to celebrate and let the conversations flow…
To each one of us our heartthrobs (pets) are special. Stories, pictures, travel tails, antics, we cannot seem to get enough. How they enrich our daily lives and give us moments of love, laughter & so many happy memories is simply incredible. How do our pooches do it? Simply by being there! The fact is that it’s not only when they need you, their senses help them perfectly understand when you need them. In our comfort they find comfort. In our joy, they share and celebrate. Sorrow or sadness, they so understand and happily give their comforting paw. Studies show that dogs cannot see you upset and try to soothe you when you are sad. This chemistry is reflected equally in another study which suggests that people are more empathetic towards pooches than fellow humans. Guess that’s the reason this bond is so truly special—it’s always shared equally and more.
During the recent severe flood in Kerala, the animal rescue groups were short of volunteers and faced a traumatic experience, Humanity for Animals, Humane Society International worked tirelessly for this cause—wading into dangers to save the lives of animals they could. Amongst the ongoing rescue of human life, Sachin Stalin and his team came together to help animals in distress, a passionate group of 50-60 people from different states of India who in the hour of crisis rushed to different districts in Kerala and undertook rescue efforts. These animal crusaders rescued pets and established a dedicated call centre for any animal who needs rescue. A heart-warming story is that a man moved his dogs and cattle to the terrace of his house and stayed with them for two days till they were all rescued. Ammini Amma living in a thatched home refused to leave without her 40 dogs till they were all evacuated safely. The world does become a better place with compassion.
Tata Group’s global headquarters in Mumbai – Bombay House recently went through renovation and facelift. The canines who had made the building their home had to go through a lot of inconvenience during the whole process – finding new hiding places, dodging workers and piles of construction material. But now the swanky and refurbished workspace has a kennel at the ground floor. Toys, mattresses, resting and playing space for strays, and ample food and water make this a happy space.
Likewise, not to forget, we see increasing number of pet grooming salons, pet hotels, pet boarding, pet cafes, travel tails, etc. across the country. Veterinarians who ensure right health care, diagnostics, products & services, etc…everything our pampered paws need, want & more. So many people from different walks of life come together with this Passion for PAWS.
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