Veterinarian Views Vision 2020


Over the years we keep seeing gradual developments in our pet industry. In this respect, veterinarians from different parts of the country share this vision of what the industry will achieve in terms of health, food and overall wellbeing of our pets by the year 2020.

If we look at five years down the line, we can clearly see how tremendously the industry will attain an overall growth—be it veterinary care, pet food or pet grooming products. Pet food industry has grown three times over the last five years. This growth is more prominent in eastern part of the country. In southern states and northern part of our country pet industry was already established. There is very much headroom for growth in the eastern India. Therefore, there is every possibility that this rate of growth shall continue and by 2020 I see more self reliant private veterinary clinics to be established. Some multinational companies may start specialised pet and vet shops in major cities of India. I see more investment, more opportunities, with more innovative services to pet parents.”
Dr Suranjan Sarkar, Ranchi

In today’s society, families are shrinking and interaction amongst people is happening more or less via social media than in person. Because of this kind of societal trend, dependency on pets has increased over the recent years and people have become more affectionate towards their furry friends and treat them just like a part of their family. So it goes without saying then in the upcoming years pet industry will rise and shine in its full glory by 2020.”
Dr Prachi Kshatriya, Bangalore

Pet food is the fastest growing area when we talk about the current Indian pet industry. Pet food products nowadays are coming with gluten free and rich in high quality vitamins. Such specialised food products of pet are growing day by day. By 2020, breed-specific food products designed for German Shepherds, Labrador, Rottweiler, Husky, Pug, etc will be on demand. Types of food like hypo-allergic food, anti-obesity food and functional food will be in trend.”
Dr OP Shrivastava, Jabalpur

India has experienced a double digits growth in its pet industry in last few years. Increase in the number of pet parents, who earn double incomes and no kids, and their need for domestic security will continue to boom unabated in this sector. Because of the lack of time epistemic nature of commercial pet food over the home made food is the main reason behind the faster growth in pet food industry. By 2020, India will be one of the major exporters of pet related products and accessories.”
Dr Ankur Narad, Bhopal